Open iT: Conquering Challenges and Changes in Autodesk Licensing

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Everyone has experienced challenges with keeping up with their software licenses. In today’s market, it is even more difficult because of the rapidly changing licensing from all vendors but especially Autodesk. There are major changes in Autodesk licensing, upgrades and support. In this webinar, we will discuss the various license types for Autodesk and the pros and cons of each. We will point out strategies to help you optimize your license position when determining license levels with the new licensing types. Stand-alone, concurrent, perpetual, subscription, tokens… where does your company fit into this matrix?

This webinar is a must see for anyone managing Autodesk licensing regardless of where you are in your contract. This heads up will be valuable to anyone negotiating, purchasing or using Autodesk licenses.

Join IAITAM and Open iT as they navigate the challenges of Autodesk licensing.