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The International Association of IT Asset Managers. We are a professional organization for individuals and organizations involved in any aspect of IT Asset Management. This includes Software and Hardware Asset Management. IT Asset Management. Along with the lifecycles of these processes. We provide advice and knowledge to the ITAM community around the world.
IAITAM has standardized the definition of IT Asset Management within an organizational context. Many individuals often perform in this role. It is becoming increasingly common to see titles such as IT Asset Manager, IT Asset Management Program Manager, IT Asset Analyst, etc. in organizational charts and position descriptions. At the same time however, it is essential to realize that IT Asset Management disciplines are achieved through participation across many functional areas. IT Asset Management truly is a discipline and has many contributors and stakeholders.

IAITAM Organizational Role Definition:
– The ITAM function shall constitute a primary point of responsibility for maintaining life-cycle management information for IT assets throughout the organization.
– Included in this responsibility are development and maintenance of policies, standards, processes, systems and measurements that enable the organization to manage IT assets with respect to risk, cost, control, governance, compliance and business performance objectives as established by the business.
– The IT Asset Management function integrates the physical, technological, contractual and financial aspects of information technology assets to enable a holistic and proactive approach to achieving the objectives.
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CHAMP is Certified Hardware Asset Manager Professional- this course presents the business practices that can best be used to manage IT hardware assets efficiently and cost-effectively. Emphasis is placed on creating a program or core competency to sustain the policies, processes and tools that deliver savings, reduced risk, business continuity support and disposal management.
Certified in Mobility Asset Manager- this course prepares individuals and organizations that are responsible for the management of mobile devices within an organization. Mobile devices can range from laptops to thumb drives. The course will prepare individuals with the knowledge to manage personnel, policies and processes. This course encompasses both organizational owned assets as well as BYOD (employee owned). This course is based in IAITAM Best Practices and encompasses financial viability, risk mitigation, policy enforcement and assets on the move.
ITIL is the framework and basically deals with the IT Department by itself. IAITAM deals not only with IT but within the depths of the organization and how they work in accordance with one goal; to find the most effective way to incorporate all of the IAITAM 12 Key Process Areas.
IAITAM™ currently offers 5 separate certifications: CHAMP (Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional), CSAM™ (Certified Software Asset Manager), CITAM™ (Certified IT Asset Manager), CMAMTM (Certified Mobile Asset Manger) and CITADTM (Certification in IT Asset Disposition). Once each approved course/training session is complete, certification testing will be conducted through IAITAM™. Individuals may choose to complete any or all of the CHAMP, CSAM™, CITAM™, CMAMTM or CITADTM certification programs.

Once an individual obtains the CITAM™ he/she will be proficient in multiple areas of IT Asset Management. CITAM™ is recognized in the industry as the highest available Certification in Information Technology Asset Management.

IAITAM™ will continue to update the courses and certification tracks as needed based upon changes in the industry due to legislative or as software and hardware vendor’s guidelines change. Certification must be renewed on an annual basis to remain current. Recertification periods are determined by IAITAM™ based on membership feedback. In the event of major course content revision, additional training may be required based on IAITAM™ approved requirements.

CSAM is Certified Software Asset Manager- this course provides the foundation for managing software assets for compliance, financial accountability, risk reduction, customer satisfaction and is aligned with global standards such as ISO-19770-1. From software piracy to legislation to organizational challenges and goals, this course helps ensure that Software Asset Management contributes to the organization’s success.
Certified IT Asset Manager- this course utilizes the IAITAM Best Practices Library (IBPL) to demonstrate how to build a goal-oriented ITAM program and maintain and improve that program over time. As a workshop course, attendees bring real concerns and tasks with them and develop mission statements, analyze processes and define the steps to implement new or improved asset management practices.
Certification in IT Asset Disposition- is a course that prepares individuals that are responsible for the disposal process within an organization. This course is based on IAITAM Best Practices and encompasses financial viability, risk mitigation, policy enforcement and disposal in today’s environment.
The 12 KPA’s are the foundation of a solid ITAM Program and make up the elements of our world renowned trainings.
– Acquisition Management
– Asset Identification
– Communication and Education
– Compliance Management
– Disposal Management
– Documentation Management
– Financial Management
– Legislation Management
– Policy Management
– Program Management
– Project Management
– Vendor Management