Flexera Software: Keeping a Lid on Costs for Cloud Infrastructure and SaaS Applications

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Cloud adoption is growing rapidly—at a 26% annual rate and 50% of enterprises are expected to be using hybrid (a combination of public and private) cloud by 2017. With cloud adoption comes the challenge of managing costs for both cloud infrastructure services and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. License compliance risk may be lower than traditional on-premises software, particularly for SaaS applications, but costs can spiral out of control if not managed closely. In this session we will discuss the spend management risks associated cloud services and some of the strategies organizations can use to keep a lid on these costs using Software Asset Management processes and tools. We’ll use Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Office 365 as specific examples of cloud infrastructure services and SaaS applications, respectively, that can be managed for better cost efficiency.

Join IAITAM and Flexera as they discuss cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications.