OpeniT: Taming the Complexity of your Autodesk Licensing

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Software licensing has become more complex than ever before. In today’s market, it is even more challenging because of the continuous fast evolution of licensing options and software distribution, especially Autodesk, from managing its licensing to upgrades and support. Most companies ended up often neglecting these technology investments, having no means to measure its intrinsic value to their business operations.
In this webinar, we will discuss tips on how you can utilize license usage reports in managing changes in your Autodesk licensing. Let us help you uncover the strategies on how you can gain the upper hand in negotiating your licenses before the next audit and purchasing happens. This webinar is a must see for anyone involved in supervising, using, negotiating and purchasing of Autodesk applications. If you want to know more on how to optimize cost and usage of your Autodesk licenses, this is for you!

Please join IAITAM and OpeniT discuss Autodesk licensing.