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Application Rationalisation Techniques

Application Rationalisation Techniques By Phil Hames 1. Overview Application rationalisation is the radical reshuffling of an application portfolio as part of an application strategy, a plan that implements changes to applications to achieve a business outcome. Many organisations try to achieve this by reducing the overall number of applications but many fail

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Anatomy of an End User License Agreement

Anatomy of an End User License Agreement By Molly McDevitt End User License Agreements (EULAs) are long, wordy and boring. Attorneys write them and read them. They are very good at it and, if you have any questions, you should address them with your company’s legal counsel. Always. Difficulty or boredom is

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Challenges of IT Asset Disposition

Challenges of IT Asset Disposition By Ann Hughes Anyone who has created a corporate IT Asset Management program, or is contemplating one, will tell you that it is challenging to create a successful program. We will explore some of the issues in doing so. Who should be involved in this process? Who

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Seven Tips to Upgrade Your Work Conversations

Seven Tips to Upgrade Your Work Conversations By Matthew MacLean We live in a tech world. That is particularly true of people reading this publication. Tech can be amazing. It brings us software that makes business more efficient and data centers powerful enough for companies to operate seamlessly across the globe. Tech

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