Webinar March 8 at 11AM EST: The CMDB is dead – Long live the CMDB

Many CMDB projects are over budget and do not achieve their business objectives. Gartner says that 75% of these projects are failures. In this brief webinar, Belarc will discuss why these projects fail and possible solutions for the future.

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Avoid Font Copyright Lawsuits: Top Five Approaches

Graphics, writing material, videos…if your organization didn’t create it, it needs to be used and licensed appropriately. The same is true for fonts and font related lawsuits happen all the time. Learn more about how your organization can avoid a font copyright lawsuit.

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Webinar Thursday Feb 22, 2018 10am PST: Windows 10 Enterprise Licensing

Directions on Microsoft (DOM) is offering a free webinar on Windows 10 Enterprise licensing. This Webinar summarizes how Microsoft has engineered licensing rules, feature packaging, support lifecycles, servicing models, hardware support, and other factors to compel large organizations to move to a Windows 10 Enterprise subscription, and offers advice on how best to license it.

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Fonts are licensed just like any other type of software. Learn how to manage their purchase and use accordingly.

Getting the right type and number of software licenses is vital to you and your organization. Do you know the same is true for fonts? Fonts need to be licensed just like software and the right number is important too.

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Webinar March 1 at 11AM EST: Cyber Security Myths & Reality

Why focus on potential zero day attacks, when the vast majority of successful attacks use known vulnerabilities? This short presentation includes a brief analysis of a successful attack on the US Government and then describes a number of common cyber security myths and their real world solutions. It ends by recommending a standard set of security controls that have been developed over many years by the US Department of Defense.

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