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Thanks to HiTECH Assets, Silver Sponsor at IAITAM ACE!

Join IAITAM and HiTECH Assets at the 2018 Spring ACE May 8-10 in Orlando, FL where all can network, share experiences and take away methods that will bring about success, create efficiencies, reduce redundancy and uncover true savings!

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Protect your Salesforce Investment with Data Protection and Cost Control

Salesforce is an essential, revenue-driving tool, but it shouldn’t drive your budget. Learn how to reduce your usage & purchases, monitor account & storage costs, and protect user data with a centralized view across all Salesforce Orgs.

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Market Guide for Software Asset Management Managed Service Providers

“By 2021, growing challenges of managing multiple environments and usage scenarios, combined with SAM skills shortages, will increase the usage of SAM managed service providers by 40%.” Read Gartner’s research from Microsoft SAM site and learn how you can utilize SAM service providers to enable your digital transformation.

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Software Audits: Managing Audits as a Standard Business Practice

"Audit" is a word no one wants to hear, but recent studies have confirmed that compliance activities by software publishers are increasing and the associated revenue is a major part of their overall revenue.

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Softline AG and ITAMS continue their growth strategies with affiliate partnership

"We are delighted to have found in the Softline Group an international team with deep SAM skills, who are very aligned with our own methods, practices and culture, and with a perfectly complementary geographic coverage and understanding of the changing SAM and ITAM tools market." - says Paul Sheehan , founder of ITAMS.

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Receive an IAITAM Certification at IAITAM ACE

Enhance your education at IAITAM ACE and receive an IAITAM certification! The benchmark for excellence in IT Asset Management, an IAITAM certification shows the world that the holder is an IT professional that is prepared to handle the tasks necessary for the role of IT Asset Manager.

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