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Webinar Wednesday, June 13th @ 2pm EST: BigFix Inventory – Software Usage, Compliance and Reporting

Join us for an in-depth overview of the features and benefits of moving to BigFix Inventory v9 as well as the migration path for organizations currently running Tivoli Asset Discovery v7.5.

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Reach Microsoft Licensing Proficiency

Are you aware of the latest changes to Microsoft licensing?  Directions on Microsoft’s next Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp (LBC), is in Seattle, WA, July 10-11, 2018.  This is the most complete and up-to-date course on Microsoft licensing available. Our independent experts give you the knowledge and understanding you need to extract maximum value from your next Microsoft agreement.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Tools

Among the hundreds of SAM tools in the market, Gartner's Magic Quadrant evaluates six vendors to help you find the most suitable one for your organization’s needs and meet your business objectives. Learn more from the complimentary report provided by Microsoft today.

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May 31st Live Webinar: Is SAP® Simplifying Their Licensing Enough?

A new Indirect/Digital Access pricing model from SAP® attempts to simplify licensing, but will this give you the clarity and transparency you’re looking for? Is it really going to be easier for you to address and license Indirect/Digital Access scenarios?

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Water and IT Asset Management: a great combination?

Water is probably our most valuable resource. For your business, technology is likely the same. Funny, then, how the two intertwine in more ways than we realize. We look at how water is used in producing the IT we use every day, as well as how we can extend the life of our devices to "save" water.

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Webinar June 12 at 11 EST: The CMDB is dead – Long live the CMDB

In addition to IT Service Management, CMDBs can be used for IT Asset Management, Software License Management and monitoring Cyber Security Controls. Unfortunately the reality today is that many CMDB projects are over budget and do not achieve their business objectives. In this brief webinar, Belarc will discuss why these projects fail and possible solutions for the future.

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