12 Software Audit Defense Tips that Everyone in ITAM Should Know

Software license audits don’t always clearly begin as an “audit”. Learn how to detect when your company is invited to participate in a software audit, and build an iron-clad audit defense with these 12 audit defense tips that everyone in ITAM should know.

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Webinar Wednesday, May 23rd @ 2PM EST: Sub-Capacity License Reporting – What You Need to Know About IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

CleanSlate will tackle an in-depth look at ILMT. We’ll examine how this tool impacts your IBM environment and explore how to leverage the tool to cut your exposure to audits.

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Webinar May 24 at 11AM CT: Maximizing the ROI of IT by Simplifying Technology Complexity

As the technology landscape grows and evolves with new devices, new software and new platforms, keeping tabs on an organization's IT assets is a moving target. How can you gain accurate visibility of software assets to drive strategic and financial decisions that impact finance and reduce security risk?

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Long-term sustainability for your business: a play in three acts

Most corporate sustainability programs stall out because of one simple reason--buy in. All other factors that degrade a decent program are symptoms of this larger problem. We look at the specifics of how companies struggle and then overcome these problems to gain a holistic sustainability program.

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Webinar May 23 at 3PM BST: The GDPR Plan – Practical Steps to Fast Track Your Compliance Program

By the 25 May 2018 deadline, it is estimated that less than 50% of organizations will fully comply with the EU's GDPR. Establishing compliance is no small undertaking and can be daunting, requiring personnel additions, process changes, and technology implementations.

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Need Focus on Upcoming Microsoft Licensing Changes?

Attend our next Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp in Seattle, July 10-11. This two-day, intensive training will equip you with the critical knowledge you need to drive maximum value from your Microsoft purchases and avoid mistakes that could cost your company millions.

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IAITAM and NCU Partner for MS-TIM Program

IAITAM is proud to announce our partnership with Northcentral University! NCU's Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management offers flexibility and personal support as you enhance your career opportunities. Your IAITAM certification can count for up to 6 credit hours!

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