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Webinar September 5th at 10am EDT: KeyServer Webinar: The Adobe Licensing Decision

It’s safe to say that the move to subscription has made Adobe products much more expensive overall–especially for colleges and universities, and many institutions have decided to throw in the towel, buy a site license, and submit to what seems like nothing less than outright extortion (with automatic updates).

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California Consumer Privacy Act: Its Similarities and Differences from GDPR

Starting on 1/1/20, this law, similar to GDPR will give users more control over their personal data. If you comply with GDPR then you’re all set.

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IMUG Webinar September 4 at 9am EDT: The DIY User Hardware Inventory: A Recipe for Complete Failure

This presentation discusses a number of the major points of failure that can happen when planning and executing a hardware inventory.

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