B-lay: SAM Tools: Managing Expectations to Better Manage your Licenses

DECEMBER 3, 2018 CONTENT GIVEAWAY ARTICLE Many organizations believe that installing a SAM tool will come with a "click here" button that will automatically perform software license allocation, report software license compliance, provide different scenarios regarding license optimization, report software cost savings and so on. But is this a

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Webinar Thursday, December 6th @ 2pm EST: ServiceNow and IBM Compliance…Beyond Audit/License Compliance to Active Management and ROI

This webinar session focuses on leveraging BigFix\ILMT discovery and data normalization

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Early Bird Special Ends 12/31/18

Calling all past IAITAM ACE Attendees: Register now for just $500/pass. As a special thank you for your continued dedication to the IAITAM ACE, save up to $1,495 on your 2019 pass now through Dec. 31, 2018. Contact IAITAM for details or to register: +1.330.628.3012 / info@iaitam.org.

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