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2019 Is The Year When “IT Asset Management” Becomes As Vital As “IT Security” For Companies Fending Off Hackers, Leakers

As Hacking and Data Breaches Worsen, IT Asset Managers to be Called Upon to More Fully Join the Fight in New Year; Boost in Federal Role is Key Shift in Rise of ITAM.

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IAITAM: Google CEO Testimony Before Congress Underscores Growing Threat of Unsigned “Contract URLs” To Companies, Individuals

Rapid Spread of “EULA” Is One-Way Street That Upends Decades of Negotiations With Software/Web Service Providers and Exposes Information Technology Asset Managers to Considerable Uncertainty, Risk.

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Are Ghost Licensing Agreements Threatening Businesses?

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill December 11, 2018. Pichai responded to questions on a variety of topics including Google’s practices and policies regarding user privacy, specifically concerning how much data Google collects from its users and why. 

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Purchase Your #IAITAMACE Pass During the Early Bird Special!

Right now is the best time to purchase your #IAITAMACE 2019 Pass! As a special thank you for your continued support, past ACE attendees can purchase their Spring 2019 Pass for only $500, a savings of up to $1,495!

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