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Aspera: ‘SaaS sticker shock’ – How to control your cloud spend before it’s too late

If you haven’t experienced ‘SaaS sticker shock’ yet, don’t worry – it’s coming. The fact is, cloud solutions are more expensive for your company in the long term. So, whether your company is considering a transition to cloud services, or is already immersed in the digital landscape, learning how to accurately manage and report on your cloud environment is a key strategy to stop ballooning cloud costs.

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Process – Cornerstone of a Successful ITAM Program

Process - Cornerstone of a Successful ITAM Program By CJ Ortega For most organizations, ITAM is formed to resolve challenges that have come to executive management’s attention in one of a variety of possible ways. There may have been a software audit that yielded an unexpected surprise or an internal audit that

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Announcing the #IAITAMACE Day 3 Keynote

IAITAM ACE Keynote for Day 3 will be a panel featuring Paul Baum from PlanITROI, Patrick Graff from Microsoft, Bo Guilbeault from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Jose Carrillo from a large telecom organization as they discuss various philanthropic and charitable efforts of which they have participated.

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Webinar Tuesday, April 30th @ 2PM EST: Sub-Capacity License Reporting – What You Need to Know About IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

CleanSlate will tackle an in-depth look at ILMT. We’ll examine how this tool impacts your IBM environment and explore how to leverage the tool to cut your exposure to audits.

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SAP’s product groups coverage by SAM tools

The different SAM tools’ functionalities available on the market for SAP are designed to cover as much as possible the various SAP products. When acquiring licenses for software programs that are not included in the same product group, the complexity of managing them increases.

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