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SAP audit practices – everything you should know to be in control

An SAP license audit is a yearly formal process that end users are contractually obliged to undergo, where they are expected to demonstrate that the number of licenses purchased matches the number of licenses installed and used.

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New ways to purchase SQL Server and Windows Server

Microsoft announced some changes to their products’ offering a while back, in order to meet the customers’ needs for cost-effective and flexible solutions. Therefore, since last year, Windows Server and SQL Server can be purchased as ‘license subscriptions’ through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

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Webinar Thursday, May 23rd @ 2PM EST: Sub-Capacity License Reporting – What You Need to Know About IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

CleanSlate will tackle an in-depth look at ILMT. We’ll examine how this tool impacts your IBM environment and explore how to leverage the tool to cut your exposure to audits.

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