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Webinar Wednesday, October 2nd @ 2pm EST: ServiceNow and IBM Compliance…Beyond Audit/License Compliance to Active Management and ROI

This webinar session focuses on leveraging BigFix\ILMT discovery and data normalization to provide a solid foundation for the implementation of ServiceNow Software Asset Management Professional and ITAM\SAM maturity acceleration.

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The most recurrent SAP licensing challenges #1: SAP engines & SAP notes

Buying software products for a large organization is the easiest thing to do – said no one ever. Actually, the buying part is not that complicated. Making sure you get the right licenses, with the right terms and conditions and for the right amount of users is when it gets complicated.

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Understanding Software Discovery

Understanding Software Discovery By Ludmila Kantova Software inventory plays critical role in Software Asset Management. You cannot manage what you cannot see. In this article I would like to guide you through the world of software discovery… Software Product Versus Software Component Software Product is identified by a marketing name. It represents

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Bringing IT Asset Management (ITAM) To The World Of Finance: IAITAM To Present At 2019 Tech Business Management Conference

IT Asset Management traditionally has been thought of as a way to minimize risk, but now that it is progressively viewed as a path to return on investment (ROI) in IT spending, ITAM is starting to get the attention of the financial world – not just technology leaders, but also those on the C-level making financial decisions.

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