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It’s The Great Pumpkin: Lessons in Process Validation Through Monitoring

You can learn a lot from Linus and The Great Pumpkin, especially when it comes to monitoring process validation to ensure software compliance and mitigate the risks of audits.

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IAITAM Warns Microsoft Move On End-User License Control Is “Road To Chaos And Monumental Waste” For Small, Medium Businesses

Bypassing Common-Sense ITAM Oversight of Licensing/Renewals Would Be Huge Setback; Already Complex Process Will Become “Rat’s Nest of Confusion, Bad Records & Huge Fines”

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Dutch Watchdog Group Raises Concerns Over Existing Vendor Ts&Cs

A watchdog group has concerns that certain terms and conditions of vendor licenses continue to violate GDPR, which could result in organizations and the vendors being out of compliance.

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The most recurrent SAP licensing challenges #3: User classification

Any app or program you’re using is based on some specific software that comes with licensing agreements, including user definitions and rights to use it. But who takes the time to read all those?

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Newly proposed privacy bill means Big Tech executives could go to jail if their companies break the law

IT security is a concerted effort for the entire organization, including IT Asset Managers. And the stakes have never been higher.

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Webinar: Six reasons that SAM Tools disappoint & how to avoid them! Nov 6th 11am UK & 11am EST

Within 12 months, Gartner says that 75% of SAM tools users will let down.  Learn more about the six most common reasons for SAM tools disappointment and how to create a tools selection strategy that will ensure you buy the right tool for your needs – and get SAM Happy!

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US military will no longer use floppy disks to coordinate nuke launches

Legacy software is everywhere, even in some of the most critical systems within an organization. Knowing how to manage it, when to upgrade from it, and the strategic decisions associated can be the difference between surviving and thriving in today’s tech world.

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