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Put Yourself in a Winning Position

As COVID-19 restrictions begin lifting and organizations are reopening their offices, IT Asset Managers are uniquely positioned to continue mitigating the impact of the pandemic. The transition back into the office is important to the financial stability, recovery, and well-being of any organization. Put yourself in a winning position!

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The Acquisition Process: A Cost-Savings Opportunity

The main goals of every organization tend to be universal: mitigate risk, increase financial gain, and increase productivity. IT Asset Managers keep these goals in mind when writing up their IT Asset Management (ITAM) programs and creating processes and procedures. An area that can allow for many of these goals to be met is during

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Nigerian Fraudsters Ripping Off The Unemployment System

Due to COVID-19, a new wave of scamming attacks has affected many organizations, leaving IT security teams with their hands full. During this critical time, IT Asset Managers need to do their best to support and help IT security in order to mitigate risk and ultimately protect the organization.

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How the Service Desk can Utilize Self Service to Become a Lean Machine

If your organization is struggling with high ticket volumes, long response times or if you are one of the many service desks looking for ways to decrease ticket numbers and increase productivity, then our upcoming webinar has been created just for you.

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IT Asset Management- A 360° View into ITAM for Cost Savings, Cost Avoidance and Value Optimization

SHI's experts will help IT leaders understand how to leverage IT Asset Management to support demands from the top to cut IT costs and optimize value.

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