Summer of ITAM and IT Cost Optimization Week 3

IT Asset Management by SHI is proud to present its ‘Summer of ITAM and IT Cost Optimization’ Webinar Series focused on helping you with your journey from rapid IT enablement to optimization of IT spend.In this four-part series, SHI’s certified ITAM and Software Asset Management (SAM) experts cover key strategies to help you leverage IT Asset Management

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Google Invests $450 Million in ADT, Gets Exclusive Hardware Deal

Keep an eye on not only the historical information on vendors, but also on the vendor’s future plans and new changes. Vendors always have goals of their own and will grow to reach those goals. This may lead one vendor to work with other vendors to create new products and services. Vendors may also

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Why Failing Self-Audits Can Be A Good Thing for IT Asset Managers

Failing a self-audit is a tough realization, but does not necessarily have to be a negative one. Learn how to leverage a failed self-audit and become more prepared for the real thing!

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