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International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) Virtual Conference Raises $15.6 Million To Support Covid-19 Relief Charities

IAITAM Members and Annual Conference Attendees Donate to Local/National Charities

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Too Many Employees Have Privileged Work Accounts For No Reason

Employees having access to too much private data has been a recurring problem. The risk behind this is that employees can unknowingly cause data leaks through actions like falling for an email scam, sending data to the wrong person, forgetting to lock their device, etc. The data an organization has needs to be restricted.

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Remote Workforces And Always-Connected Consumers Are Presenting New Data Challenges

As IoT grows and proliferation of data expands, ensure you have a data policy that is keeping up with the times. With the changes brought on by the shift to remote work, it is recommended to draft a policy on data governance. The data in the policy should include IoT for all data containers.

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Discover Effective Solutions for the Upcoming SAP S/4HANA Transition

Discover Effective Solutions for the Upcoming SAP S/4HANA Transition: Understand and take action on the most critical steps for SAP admins Time and time again, SAP® has earned its position as the market leader in enterprise resource planning with its adaptive, all-encompassing approach that transforms businesses into intelligent enterprises. However, its complexities and the

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The Dynamic Landscape of Software Licensing

The Dynamic Landscape of Software Licensing By Tyler Schlief From the early days of boxed corporate applications and operating systems, software has proven to be a requirement for successful day-to-day operations within any organization. Since that time, how software is purchased and consumed has changed, and continues to do so as offerings

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Data Breach Protection Must Include Physical Security

While software security breaches are always discussed in the news, it is easy to overlook the need for physical security, which is just as important. Even if an office has all employees working remotely, the assets will still need to be physically secured because of possible outsider threats, like theft, natural disasters, fire, etc.

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Google Drive Will Start Automatically Deleting Trash Files After 30 days

Sometimes changes to policies and practices will impact data integrity. Google’s decision to permanently delete anything in the Trash folders after 30 days will likely not affect many, but it does highlight a very important function of IT Asset Management. Take this time to review the policies and procedures in your cloud environment as

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Supply Chain Security: Data Erasure’s Role When Purchasing IT Assets

Supply Chain Security: Data Erasure’s Role When Purchasing IT Assets By Vivian Cullipher Rising supply chain attacks mean organizations must tread carefully when buying IT—even from trusted suppliers. Data erasure can help. While many cyber security threats seem to focus on network vulnerabilities, the reality is that your entire supply chain is

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Prepare for your 2021 Microsoft EA renewal

The optimal time to start preparing for your EA Renewal is 6 to 12 months before your current agreement expires. Wait any longer and you give Microsoft a huge advantage. DOM’s next Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp, now in a virtual format, will be held the week of October 12, 2020, with 5 consecutive half-days of instruction.  This intensive

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