SHI’s IT Spend Optimization Summit

As we head into Fall 2020, IT leaders are looking for ways to step up their digital transformation game and cut IT costs. Luckily, we've got a summit for that! Join us on September 22 & 23rd to get advice from SHI subject matter experts and our partner community, where we will explore numerous ways to

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Italy is Investigating Apple, Google and Dropbox Cloud Storage Services

Antitrust issues with software licensing have been increasing. Since the antitrust cases have been increasing, government investigations have also been increasing. While an IT Asset Manager needs to try to reach the organization’s goals, they may also need to have a conversation about how the organization can be hurt by antitrust actions. IT Asset

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IT Asset Management (ITAM) Is “Essential” To Post-COVID Planning: C-Level Execs, ITAM Professionals To Gather Online To Discuss Critical Issues Moving Forward For Businesses, Other Organizations

IAITAM to Host Virtual Conference Showcasing Pandemic Success Stories in IT Asset Management and Training Programs for Remote Workforces

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Process, Policies, and Standards: 3 Critical Components of a Successful ITAM Implementation

There are countless reasons why implementing a successful ITAM program is difficult. Most organizations have multiple departments, managers, and personnel that must work together to accomplish company goals. But ITAM fails most often because companies mistakenly look to an ITAM or SAM tool to solve all their problems. Instead, they should focus on the

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Live Webinar: Making the Most of your Microsoft Teams Implementation: Adoption and Change Management

The rush to adopt remote working solutions caused many organizations to move their plans into the express lane and launch Microsoft Teams without a full transition and adoption plan for their end-users. You can't reverse time, but you can retroactively develop a change management designed for success. Register Today

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Google Cloud Engineers Define First Steps For Cloud Migration

When moving to a cloud environment, something that can save the IT Asset Manager a lot of struggle is to spend a significant amount of time planning and assessing. IT Asset Managers need to be brutally honest with themselves when deciding which features should be implemented so they can make the transition easier. Remember

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Build Your Reputation While Saving the Planet

Beyond the hard dollar costs and savings associated with an IT Asset Disposition process, there are softer and more intangible impacts. One of these is the impact to an organization’s brand. Instead of ensuring the brand is maintained through proper disposal processes, advertise and leverage the green initiatives in your organization to strengthen the brand and have a proactive impact!

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