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How SaaS Can Change Work Practices

Before making a deal with a SaaS provider, the IT Asset Manager must understand what services the provider will offer the organization. Will the provider continually perform software updates on their product? Will they perform customer service support if needed? Do they offer data reporting tools or options? To find the best fit for

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Four Ways To Think About The Cloud For Business In 2021

It may be time to shift to a cloud-based model, but it can take some convincing before the executives agree to the shift. The IT Asset Manager needs to consider the reasons and benefits for the shift, and emphasize the value that the shift will bring. When presenting to the executives why a shift

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IAITAM 2021 Forecast: Remote Work is Here to Stay, Time to Consider Ditching “Disposal Boxes” & Snitch Software to Surge

Organization That Warned Throughout 2020 That Companies Were Ill Prepared for Work-From-Home Device Management, Security Issues Looks Ahead to New Year

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Dr. Barbara Rembiesa Talks With Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate

The lockdown has compounded digital assets management efforts Barbara Rembiesa joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how the ability to manage digital assets was compounded when millions of employees abandoned secure corporate offices and went to work from their unsecure homes. Will we ever know about the

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