The Why

IAITAM is taking the monumental and exciting step of authorizing organizations around the world with the ability to teach our courseware. IT Asset Management has grown to the point where global wide spread adoption is imminent due to the growth and adoption rate over the last decade. The demand for the IAITAM Certification is becoming such that it has forced IAITAM to make a decision.

We had two choices

1. To become a training organization
2. To continue to be the organization that leads the profession with practical content created by experts and strong, innovative leadership.

IAITAM always has been and will continue to be the thought leader for the IT Asset Management profession. By partnering with APMG, we brought together two world-class reputations and skills sets to set the course for how IT Asset Management will be taught and viewed moving into the future. With IAITAM and APMG, IAITAM can assure you that the quality and content will remain at the high level that has been provided over the last 16 years. This opens doors for IAITAM and will enable us to create more content and focus growing and pushing the profession to new heights for you, our members.

About Accredited Training Organizations
Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) are authorized by IAITAM through APMG to provide training of IAITAM’s certification courses. ATOs go through a rigorous certification and authorization process to ensure the highest level of quality. ATOs allow IAITAM to increase its global reach, thus exponentially strengthening the profession for us all.