In April 2018, SAP announced organizational changes that had a major impact in how audits were going to be approached from that moment on: the separation of license audits and license sales.

SAP transferred the exclusive right to initiate, conduct and terminate license audits to the Global License Audit and Compliance (GLAC) team. It also included a new sales policy for the end users to be informed about the implications of the different flavors of software use rights (direct use and indirect use), prior to signing an agreement.

What does an SAP audit look like one year after these changes have been announced?

How big is the impact of no longer having auditors involved in the commercial discussions?

B-lay gathered feedback from both sides, end users and former SAP auditors, to create an overview of how these changes impacted the way SAP conducts audits.

Join IAITAM and B-lay on this webinar discussing “SAP Audit Practices – Before and after 2018 ” to look at SAP’s strategy prior to the organizational changes as well as the current audit practices.