IAITAM’s Best Practice Library is the ITAM Practitioner’s Guide to an IT Asset Management Program.

IAITAM’s Best Practice Library (IBPL), the ITAM practitioner’s guide to an IT Asset Management program, represents the collective knowledge and experiences of the entire IT Asset Management industry.

These best practices were created from the best practical experiences of our industry’s pioneers, leaders and professionals. This 12-volume set consists of 13 books packed full of knowledge, workflows, templates and White Papers for each of the 12 Key Process Areas (KPAs).

A Best Practice Library couldn’t be called practical without including industry standards and regulations. The IBPL addresses standards such as ISO’s 19770 and the UK-OGC’s ITIL and regulations such as the United States, The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The IBPL is the definitive “how-to” guide for the ITAM industry. It is the only hands-on manual for true ITAM implementations in existence today and goes beyond what other frameworks or standards documents profess. Unlike other standards, IBPL addresses not just the “what,” but more importantly, the “why” and the “how.” The “why” enables IT Asset Managers to educate and justify the improvements to an organization’s ITAM processes. The “how” provides an IT Asset Manager with a practical guide that is easily modified to an organization’s unique environment. Further supporting the “how,” each KPA volume contains the components necessary for an ITAM team to plan, improve or implement an ITAM program.

The 12 volumes includes:

  • Thousands of pages of usable templates and diagrams
  • Process flows that display the execution model of each KPA and supporting processes
  • Roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders and affected departments and individuals within the organizations
  • The interdependencies between the other KPAs in the library
  • Definitions and supporting projects and processes of The IBPL organizational drivers: financial, risk and productivity
  • Definitions of ITAM processes and supporting sub-processes

The full set of the IBPL includes electronic access to Volumes 1-12 Templates, Workflows and White Papers that can be tailored to any organization. The IBPL KPA Relationships and Dependencies poster, an at-a-glance overview of how each KPA impacts the others, also is included. On top of that, the IT Asset Manager Code of Ethics appears in each volume. The IT Asset Manager Code of Ethics sets the standard for an IT Asset Manager’s behavior and the behavior of all involved in the profession.

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