A pop quiz about writing a Business Case for the IAITAM European Annual Conference and Exhibition:

Which of these statements is correct?

  1. The definition of a Business Case is “a justification for a proposed project or undertaking on the basis of its expected commercial benefit.”
  2. IAITAM can help you create a Business Case at ace2018europe.iaitam.org/build-a-business-case!
  3. “Can you run your business without IT? If you are not managing your IT you are not managing your business.” –Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, CEO & President of IAITAM
  4. You should present the Business Case before the IAITAM ACE.
  5. You should present the Business Case after the IAITAM ACE.

If you guessed that all but the last statement are true, you win! Consider this sentence a digital high-five from IAITAM.

Let’s assume that your supervisor said “no” when you asked to attend this year’s ACE in Amsterdam. Or you haven’t asked yet, but you’re convinced that the “no” is waiting. You know there will be scheduling issues. You anticipate that your supervisor will say the cost isn’t worth it. But, you also know that the educational sessions, keynote speakers and networking are worth the time and the money.

So, what do you do?

Fortunately for you, IAITAM is prepared. There’s a Business Case template curtailed for the European ACE already waiting for you! Like most standard Business Cases, IAITAM’s has the following structure:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Current Situation
  3. Proposal
  4. Financial Proof
  5. Conclusion

Each section has its own tab on ace2018europe.iaitam.org/build-a-business-case that includes tips, quotes from previous attendees, white papers to reference, graphs and examples. There’s also a sample email!

Submit your Business Case ASAP so you can join us at the European ACE! Remember, it’s 8-9 November in Amsterdam.