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When Data Breach Incidents Increase, the IT Asset Manager Gets More Proactive

Data breaches are a big deal. Organizations must protect the data of their customers and business relationships. There are many proactive and reactive avenues for organizations to take, but none are as all-encompassing as getting an IT Asset Manager involved. It’s difficult to track something if you don’t know where it came from. Learn to let IT Asset Managers be the “data guide” within your organization and become more secure against data breaches in the process.

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Figure Out The Differences Of Asset Management vs. CMDB

Often, the comparison of IT Asset Management tools and CMDB tools seems natural. However, there are distinct differences. Leveraging these differences will take your organizational reporting and strategic business decision drivers to the next level. Read the Full Article

By |2020-10-27T14:42:49-04:00October 27th, 2020|IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments

Windows 10 Is Installing Office Web Apps Without Asking Permission

A Windows 10 update is force-installing apps onto PCs without the user’s consent. This is not an isolated incident as other organizations have done similar actions. As an IT Asset Manager, keep an eye out for these unexpected installations. They are not always announced and the installations may occur without the IT Asset Manager’s

By |2020-10-20T10:24:30-04:00October 20th, 2020|IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments

A Close Look At The European Commission’s Proposed Digital Services Act

The EU is considering instating the Digital Services Act, which is building on the e-Commerce Directive of 2000. It contains two main pillars that are geared to enhance the governance across online platforms, and improve the competition among online platforms. IT Asset Managers will need to pay close attention to how this Act will

By |2020-10-13T15:32:25-04:00October 13th, 2020|IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments

Apple Sues Geep Canada For Reselling 100,000 Devices That Were Given For Recycling

When investigating vendors, it is important to learn what their policies are. It is also important to find out if they practice what they preach. Some vendors may stand by one policy, but they may not always follow it due to varying reasons, such as an employee accidentally following a process incorrectly. IT Asset

By |2020-10-06T11:49:56-04:00October 6th, 2020|IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments

IT Asset Managers Need to Keep Up With How Vendors Grow and Change

In the dynamic changing landscape of business, knowing what direction you are heading is important. Often, that means keeping track of what direction your vendors are heading as well. Keep up with latest affairs and be proactive to any changes that may occur.

By |2020-10-07T09:04:43-04:00October 1st, 2020|Featured Articles, IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments

Too Many Employees Have Privileged Work Accounts For No Reason

Employees having access to too much private data has been a recurring problem. The risk behind this is that employees can unknowingly cause data leaks through actions like falling for an email scam, sending data to the wrong person, forgetting to lock their device, etc. The data an organization has needs to be restricted.

By |2020-09-29T10:19:03-04:00September 29th, 2020|IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments

Remote Workforces And Always-Connected Consumers Are Presenting New Data Challenges

As IoT grows and proliferation of data expands, ensure you have a data policy that is keeping up with the times. With the changes brought on by the shift to remote work, it is recommended to draft a policy on data governance. The data in the policy should include IoT for all data containers.

By |2020-09-22T11:20:47-04:00September 22nd, 2020|IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments

Data Breach Protection Must Include Physical Security

While software security breaches are always discussed in the news, it is easy to overlook the need for physical security, which is just as important. Even if an office has all employees working remotely, the assets will still need to be physically secured because of possible outsider threats, like theft, natural disasters, fire, etc.

By |2020-09-17T12:18:58-04:00September 17th, 2020|IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments

Google Drive Will Start Automatically Deleting Trash Files After 30 days

Sometimes changes to policies and practices will impact data integrity. Google’s decision to permanently delete anything in the Trash folders after 30 days will likely not affect many, but it does highlight a very important function of IT Asset Management. Take this time to review the policies and procedures in your cloud environment as

By |2020-09-17T12:14:51-04:00September 17th, 2020|IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments
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