The IAITAM Certification Courses—CAMP, CSAM, CHAMP, CMAM, CITAD, CAMSE and CITAM—were designed to establish a viable professional development path for the IT Asset Manager and related occupations. IAITAM courses have been accepted around the globe as the industry benchmark for excellence in IT Asset Management education, and an IAITAM Certification award shows the IT world that the holder is an IT professional that is prepared to handle the tasks necessary for the role of IT Asset Manager.

Why Certify With IAITAM?

  • IAITAM Certification holders demonstrate an interest in expanding their knowledge and the drive to improve and build upon their accomplishments as well as the professional satisfaction that corresponds to confidence in their abilities
  • IAITAM’s Certification testing process is known to be a fair but comprehensive demonstration of the knowledge presented in the courseware. IAITAM has built a reputation on its ability to not just deliver knowledge to the student, but to engage them in practical exercises and interaction so that they can learn from the other course attendees as well
  • Individuals with an IAITAM Certification qualify for jobs within the field that those without are not considered for
  • IAITAM Certifications increase the potential earnings of respective job applicants
  • IAITAM Certifications have a measurable ROI for participating organizations and therefore provide justification for attending along with a valid business case
  • An IAITAM Certification can lead to a better understanding of the job of an IT Asset Manager, better job performance, performance reviews and salary appraisals
  • IAITAM Certified Professionals are prepared to meet the organization’s objectives regardless if the organization’s primary focus is financial, risk management or efficiency

As the IT Asset Management industry expands and the need for true asset management takes hold throughout the global market, IAITAM Certification courses will keep pace with the needs of this ever-expanding role.

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Certified Asset Management Professional

This course was built to provide information on each of the IAITAM Best Practice Library’s 12 Key Process Areas (KPAs), the roles and responsibilities that affect an ITAM program, core functional areas, KPA indicators, strategic positioning, and how ITAM can be brought into other frameworks such as ITSM so that they work together in the most efficient way for an organization thus producing a greater ROI for its IT portfolio.

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