Every year, IAITAM President and CEO Dr. Barb donates hundreds of books by favorite IAITAM ACE keynote Andy Andrews to VA hospitals across the nation. This year, she received a request from a VA hospital in Virginia for 5,000 books! She found out that they use the books as part of a program for every Veteran coming into this facility. They need our help!

Dr. Barb is asking the IAITAM community to purchase a book and have it send directly to the VA hospital to give to the incoming veterans. We love Andy, our Veterans and helping others, so Dr. Barb is starting the donations off with 500 books! Your nothing is someone else’s everything. Please help change someone’s life.

When checking out, please put “C/O IAITAM” in the Order Notes section. Ship packages to:

Kristy Rene Coie-Day
Voluntary Service and Fisher House
1201 Broad Rock BLVD
Richmond, VA 23249

Purchase The Noticer for donation
Purchase The Noticer in Bulk (5+) for donation
Purchase The Traveler’s Gift for donation
Purchase The Traveler’s Gift in Bulk (5+) for donation

Thank you for your help!