IAITAM World is the only 24/7 platform for ITAM professionals to connect, network, solve issues and innovate the future. Today we are chatting with IAITAM CEO & President Dr. Barbara Rembiesa to find out more about IAITAM World!

Dr. Barb, how would you explain what IAITAM World is?

IAITAM World is a one-of-a-kind online platform for connecting, networking, solving issues and innovating with IT Asset Management professionals all around the world. IAITAM World gives you the ability to talk with ITAM colleagues in real time while utilizing unique tools and work spaces. There has never been a better way to work and network in the ITAM industry. We wanted to make IAITAM World a fully interactive experience and we made it happen!

Wow, what a neat idea! What inspired you to create IAITAM World?

A pivotal part of IAITAM has always been creating powerful networking opportunities for the ITAM industry, especially at our annual conferences. We all know how tough the COVID-19 pandemic has been and that the ITAM community has missed those interactions. With working from home and other challenging issues keeping people apart, I saw a need for the industry to be able to continue connecting and working together to brainstorm creative solutions to these new and complex challenges. At IAITAM and in our community, we understand the value and necessity of connecting, networking and brainstorming and we were not content to do nothing and, IAITAM World was born!

Absolutely, finding ways to connect is more important than ever! Who can benefit from going to IAITAM World?

We created IAITAM World to serve the IT Asset Management industry as well as anybody making IT purchasing decisions for their organization! But remember, every business relies on technology, so there really is something for everyone in IAITAM World!

Good point! Where can someone find IAITAM World?

To visit IAITAM World you simply need to go to world.iaitam.org. As part of our 19th Anniversary celebration, IAITAM World registration is available at no cost for a limited time! By registering now, you will have access to IAITAM World as soon as it launches and be among the first to experience this one of a kind platform! Hope to see you there!