You’ve heard the stories in the news all too often – companies hit by data breaches, putting their customers and their reputations at risk. To help your organization mitigate this threat, it’s critical to ensure your sensitive data is secure throughout the chain of custody, including when it leaves your facility, while in transit, and while at your clients’ facilities.

Many IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions limit where and when data can be erased from your IT assets. For a truly secure chain of custody, you need a holistic service model for managing sensitive data from transportation to end-of-life recycling, data destruction, and remarketing/reuse. With data erasure services that can be performed where and when you need them, you can boost your risk mitigation and real-time data access, while streamlining your ITAD process through one vendor.
Please join us for this educational Webinar to learn:

– What’s at stake with your current ITAD chain of custody and data security provisions
– How you can ensure brand protection and increase risk mitigation, while gaining peace of mind with XERO, Dynamic’s cloud based data erasure solution
– How to access reliable, timely reporting on decommissioned IT assets prior to shipment to the vendor
– The cost savings and profitability impacts of increasing data security and strengthening your chain of custody with data erasure services that can be performed at vendor or customer facilities, anywhere in the world

Join IAITAM and Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations as we discuss security and how to prevent it from being the weakest link.