IAITAM Employee Awareness Program

Did you know that spending on information technology (IT) is the second largest expenditure of most companies? Although companies spend significant dollars on IT, few have yet to realize that their IT assets need to be managed like any other business unit within the organization. Policies and standards must be set that govern the use and acquisition of such assets, and their success must be carefully monitored. Poor management of software and hardware assets can cause IT budgets to sky rocket and in some cases, cause companies to be in non-compliance of state and federal laws.

Do you know where your company currently stands in its IT Asset Management initiatives? Remember that IT Asset Management is the responsibility of every member of the organization. Every effort must be made to make employees aware of ongoing company IT Asset Management efforts.

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If you don’t know where your organization stands, chances are neither do other members of your enterprise. This is due in part to a lack of executive buy-in in establishing the necessary enterprise-governing policies and procedures. Another major contributing factor is the lack of employee awareness in the proper and lawful use of software, hardware, and digital content. Policies must be implemented that help reduce the risk of an audit, the risk of possible non-compliance, IT security risks, as well as overall IT costs. It is also necessary to communicate these policies to all employees within the enterprise from the lowest ranking to the highest ranking executive.

Your interest in our Employee Awareness program is just one step in creating a comprehensive IT Asset Management strategy.

Please note: IAITAM’s Employee Awareness Program is designed to assist you in planning your enterprise’s education and communication process; it is not designed to be used as a standalone product. All forms and information must be reviewed by your corporate attorney and are to be used as a guide to establish the IT Asset Management component to your HR processes. All organizations are structured differently and therefore no single program would fulfill the needs of every organization. The Employee Awareness Program can and should be modified to fit the needs of your organization.

Program Summary
This program is intended not only to instill in employees a sense of responsibility to comply with laws and resolve misconduct internally, but also to make them aware of their role in the company’s IT Asset Management program and thereby prevent behavior that can result in costly penalties to the organization.

Topics covered include:

  • Compliance
  • Software Usage
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Employee Liability
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