IAITAM hosts many complimentary events for both members and non-members to participate in. As leaders in the ITAM industry, we have many opportunities for both seasoned ITAM professionals and those new to the field to network, engage and learn. Some of the topics covered include both groundwork for building your ITAM infrastructure, as well as the newest topics and trends affecting the community. 

As you may know, professionals in ITAM positions may come from a variety of different backgrounds, such as legal compliance, finance, purchasing, and business administration. With such a diverse range of backgrounds, it is critical that professionals in these roles “think outside the box”, collaborate and learn to ensure that the needs of their own organization are met. We host events to welcome and connect ITAM professionals. IAITAM membership is not a requirement for all free events; we want members of the community to have access to these events and interact as they progress and develop professionally. We also offer certification, networking and educational opportunities in addition to our free events. 

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to speak and host a session at one of these events visit https://iaitam.org/speaker-call

IAITAM Member User Group (IMUG)

IMUG events are to discuss issues, solutions, products, and provide each other support. Guest presenters may be invited to select meetings to provide educational-based presentations. Welcome to both new ITAM practitioners and experts, join us for a 15 minute focused presentation and 45 minutes of collaborative member discussions. We hope to make each meeting educational in nature and introduce you to a variety of expert speakers and open topic discussions to enrich your ITAM programs!

Meetings take place the first Tuesday of the month at 9 AM ET and the third Tuesday of the month at 5 PM ET.

Wednesday Webinars

Wednesday Webinars are educationally focused, expert-led discussions focused on topics, solutions and guidance on selected topics pertinent to ITAM professionals. Presenters range from C-level executives, software providers, solutions architects, and other ITAM innovators.

Meetings take place every Wednesday of each month at 11 AM ET

Coffee with Dr. Barb

Coffee with Dr. Barb is a focused discussion between IAITAM leader, Dr. Barb Rembiesa and a specially selected industry expert. Join in to listen to hot topic issues other ITAM professionals are facing, upcoming events, and more. 

Meetings take place the second Tuesday of the month and the fourth Tuesday of the month at 11 AM ET

ITAM Awareness Month

December is ITAM Awareness Month where there are live, educational seminars, daily presentations, games and interactive events, as well as opportunities to win prizes from IAITAM and our sponsors. Past events have also included white papers, articles shared by our diverse group of practitioners, Provider Members and Accredited Training Organizations. Participate daily to increase your chances of winning one of our amazing prizes. Celebrate you and all you do as an ITAM professional! It is your month!

Events happening the entire month of December

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