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Why Donating IT Assets to Charity Might Bring Your Organization the Most Value

There are many benefits to donating assets which include enhancing your community and becoming a pillar of societal welfare to those around you. Learn in this article how to donate to charities safely, ethically, and in a way that everyone benefits!

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Can Your Mobile Asset Management Program Withstand the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus situation has stressed organizations around the world. Many have deferred to a work-from-home environment to help prevent the virus from spreading. The only way that this will be done successfully is with a mature Mobile Asset Management (MAM) program. Learn about MAM best practices to prepare for the growing issue.

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How ITAM in the US Will Change If A Dedicated Data Protection Agency Is Instated

IT Asset Managers understand data. Simplifying the expectations of data management, maintenance, and protection will streamline every process that touches data. This means IT Asset Managers are better able to support their organization’s core competencies instead of chasing regulatory requirements.

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XaaS Starts to Take Its Place: IAITAM Predictions Begin to Come to Fruition

IAITAM predicted XaaS would begin to become more commonplace in 2020. Trends in the industry already started showing this to be the case in just the first month of the year.

By |2020-02-03T09:02:12-05:00February 1st, 2020|Featured Articles, IAITAM News You Can Use|0 Comments

Why IT Asset Managers Should Care About Access Restrictions to Organizational Data

A new study shows that nearly half of employees have access to more organizational data than necessary. Even though this is primarily an IT issue, IT Asset Management is still involved.

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Don’t Put the Custom Processes Cart Before the Best Practices Horse

ITAM Practitioners frequently run before they walk. Understanding the foundational elements of a mature ITAM Program is imperative to growing and expanding the way an organization is able to manage their technology. This includes how an organization is adopting and adapting to changes within the business environment and industry trends.

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