Financial Management Advanced Study Course

Financial Management is a primary part of an ITAM program and it affects departments across the organization. Financial ITAM is the backbone to savings within your ITAM program, from budgeting to invoice reconciliation. Financial ITAM includes operationally recurring functions: budgeting, fixed asset reconciliation, chargeback, invoice reconciliation, forecasting, financial audit preparation and billing. In addition to those, the Financial ITAM discipline must support a strategic view of IT spending.

The Financial Management Advanced Training Course is based on the information and practices contained in the IBPL Financial Management Volume 7, which shows that Financial Management practices encompass not only the Asset Management program, it also affects an entire organization.

In this Advanced Training Course, students will learn that the Financial ITAM discipline must support a strategic view of IT spending, which in turn must support the overall growth of the organization. Effective Financial Management also will produce baseline information on spending, which allows practitioners to quantify savings found while conducting the processes of IT Financial Management best practices.

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The Certificate of Advanced Study is earned after completing two advanced study courses through the online platform. Courses contain a series of video lectures, access to full time instructors as needed, review of ITAM concepts, and a self-evaluation exercise that both brings the materials together and provides immediate business value for you and your organization.

Advanced study programs are offered online and offer learners:

  • The convenience of a flexible schedule
  • 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to courses
  • Attendance from the privacy of your home, office, or anywhere with an internet connection

Learners work with books from the IAITAM Best Practice Library and online study guides to perform coursework that is submitted to instructors for evaluation and feedback.

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  • Review of ITAM Program Concepts
  • Introduction to the ITAM Professional Code of Ethics
  • Overview of Scope, Roles, and Definitions for this Key Process Area (KPA)
  • Review of KPA Workflow
  • Access to Best Practice Templates & Worksheets
  • Development of Projects to Establish/Improve KPA
  • Review of Available Technology to Support KPA
  • Business Area Assessment Specific to Students Business
  • Development of Buy-in Pitch based upon the Business Assessment
Discussion and sample projects include:
  • Financial Projects
  • Reconciliation Process
  • Budget Standards
  • Chargeback
  • Service Costing
  • Contract Review
  • Technology Tools
  • Marketing and Selling
  • Technology that will enhance the Financial Management Process Area
  • Executive Buy-in
This Advanced Study course consists of the following:
  • IAITAM Best Practice Library Volume 7, Financial Management
  • Series of video lectures
  • Review of ITAM concepts
  • Self-evaluation exercise that incorporates best practices to uncover immediate business value for you and your organization.

Courses extend learning opportunities through peer-to-peer interaction. Peer-to-peer learning is what happens in an learning environment where learners (most of them working professionals) interact regularly with one another to share insights and experiences. Each course has an online discussion component guided by course instructors where learners share insights and opinions relative to the course material. Learners have the opportunity to gain significantly from the vast experiences of the instructors and other professionals. Some form lasting friendships that benefit both parties professionally.

Once registered, you will receive an email with further instructions. Course access will be open for 30 calendar days following registration. 

*Specific content is subject to change, reflecting the dynamic evolution of industry activities. IAITAM is not responsible for costs associated with cancellations. All IAITAM courses and content are proprietary and confidential.

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