SOUTH HACKENSACK, NJ, January 2, 2019 – Most individuals do not realize that their personal data is vulnerable or at any kind of risk when they sync their mobile device to a late model vehicle that has Bluetooth or USB capabilities. People must be aware that their private information is transferred and stored on the car’s infotainment center and will surely stay there, unless manually or physically removed and destroyed. The process is more complex than just simply pressing, “forget device,” on the vehicle’s system.

Federal agents are able to access deleted data from cars under certain circumstances, but if a person with ill intentions gets a hold of your car, there’s a chance they may be able to access your deleted data as well. For that exact reason, it is crucial to have your data permanently and professionally wiped from the vehicle before returning or selling your car. The only way to ensure your data is removed completely.

Guardian Data Destruction is announcing the launch of the first professional service that can permanently remove this sensitive personal data stored in car’s hard drives. Today, there are a countless number of issues with data exposure and many cases of fraud and identity theft because people are careless with their information. People who have synced their phones to their car and have given other individuals temporary access to their vehicle for example at dealership centers and repair shops, are unknowingly putting their information at risk. Individuals must take the correct precautions in order to keep their data secure and out of the wrong hands. Clear My Car Data provides a well-trained technician to guarantee that all digital information stored in a vehicles system is permanently deleted to keep your personal identity secure.

ABOUT CLEAR MY CAR DATA: Clear My Car Data is an on-site, solely owned subsidiary of Guardian Data Destruction and the only car data erasure service in the NY metro area. Clear My Car Data is the industry’s first bonded and certified consumer-based company specializing in personal data removal from your automobile. Our mission is to protect your privacy and ensure that your confidential and sensitive information that is stored on your car’s hard drive is not accessible to the next driver when you sell, return, or trade in your used car. With new laws and the increasing awareness of the idea of data being stored with or without permission, Clear My Car Data is a trusted NAID member. With services covering a 50-mile radius from South Hackensack, New Jersey, our trained technicians are ready to protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft. For more information visit