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2020 July 15 News Release: TikTok “Unnecessarily Endangers Data” on Phones Used By Employees Working From Home During COVID-19
Popular App Revives Earlier Concerns About Fitbit, Pokémon Go Licenses and App Permissions That Could Jeopardize Company/Client Data

2020 June 9 News Release: Organizations Flooded With New Tech Purchased For Work-From-Home Employees Face Unique “Asset Refresh” Opportunity
IT Asset Management (ITAM) Strategies Can Turn Excess Hardware Hurriedly Snapped Up During the Pandemic By Companies, Agencies Into Cost-Saving Resources

2020 May 7 News Release: 3 Fixes For Back-To-Work Tech Challenges Thousands Of U.S. Businesses Should Address Now
Despite Risk of Tech Headaches, Creating “New Normal” Is Chance to Make Things Better

2020 April 23 News Release: New Tech Headache For Companies In Post Work-From-Home World: What Happens To All That New Hardware Used By Telecommuters?
IAITAM Outlines 3 Steps for Managing Work-from-Home Assets As Workers Go Back to the Office; Avoiding Data Leaks and Wasted Money Will Be Key for Companies and Agencies

2020 April 20 News Release: Too Many Companies, Agencies With Vulnerabilities “Wide Open To Attack” From Breaches During COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Shutdowns
After Issuing Repeated Warnings, IAITAM Highlights 4 Biggest Problems Happening Now

2020 March 27 News Release: “Huge Risk To Sensitive Data” Seen in First Major Corporate Billing Cycle Under Work-From-Home Orders
Group Warns Many Companies Not Set Up Properly For Secure Remote Billing That Exposes Key Data of the Companies and Their Customers/Clients

2020 March 23 News Release: Companies, Agencies Struggling to Manage Mobile Devices as Employees Work From Home During Coronavirus Pandemic Offered Free Help by IAITAM
Association Providing Complimentary Passes to $2,000 Course to Aid Companies, Gov’t Agencies in Need of Help

2020 March 17 News Release: IAITAM: Unprepared Companies, Gov’t Agencies Sending Workers Home in Response to Coronavirus Face “Nightmare” Data Risks
Even Companies That Send Employees Home With Proper Safeguards Face Challenges, but Those Relying on Uncontrolled Employee-Owned Phones & Computers to Get Work Done “Are Sitting Ducks”.

2020 March 16 News Release: IAITAM Postpones ACE Conference in Response to COVID-19 Concerns
The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) announced today that, for the first time in its history, the ACE conference scheduled for May 12-14 in Nashville has been postponed until further notice due to imminent concerns regarding COVID-19.

2020 March 10 News Release: IAITAM Adjusts Format for Upcoming Events in Response to COVID-19 Concerns
The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) announced today that the format for their European Roadshows, certification courses and any other events through April 30 will be converted from in-person to a digital format.

2020 January 6 News Release: IAITAM: Employee Software Purchase Headaches, Cloud Security Worries, ITAM Surges to New Heights – 3 Trends to Watch in 2020
After predicting correctly that 2019 would be the year that Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) would break out as a solution for issues faced by small- and medium-sized businesses, the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) is back with a new set of predictions for 2020.

2019 December 18 Podcasts: Interviews With Jim Blasingame at The Small Business Advocate
“The Problem with Microsoft’s End-User License Policy” and “Who’s Managing Your IT Assets and Policies?”

2019 October 28 News Release: IAITAM Warns Microsoft Move On End-User License Control Is “Road To Chaos And Monumental Waste” For Small, Medium Businesses
Bypassing Common-Sense ITAM Oversight of Licensing/Renewals Would Be Huge Setback; Already Complex Process Will Become “Rat’s Nest of Confusion, Bad Records & Huge Fines”

2019 September 19 News Release: Bringing IT Asset Management (ITAM) To The World Of Finance: IAITAM To Present At 2019 Tech Business Management Conference
Moving Beyond Traditional Risk Mitigation to ROI for Finance World Businesses

2019 August 19 Podcasts: Interviews With Jim Blasingame at The Small Business Advocate
“Becoming A Better Technology Acquirer And Disposer” and “What Are You Doing With Your Old Computers And Hard Drives?”

2019 August 1 News Release: Time For Washington To “Build The Wall” Separating Taxpayers From Cyberattacks And Wasteful IT/IT Security Spending
“Don’t Build This Wall with Dollars Frittered Away on More Federal IT & IT Security Spending; We Need Best ITAM Practices Now Across the Board”; IAITAM Echoes Call Made in 2015 “IT Insecurity” Report.

2019 July 12 News Release: Huge U.S., EU Privacy Fines Show Companies Need To Get ITAM Programs Squared Away Now
IT Asset Managers should be aware that regulators are paying attention to companies’ due diligence regarding privacy practices after officials in the U.S. and Europe handed out billions in fines this week.

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2019 June 10 News Release: Still Time For “Spring Cleaning” of Computers and Drives… But Individuals, Small Businesses Should Be Aware of Pitfalls
How Small Business Owners and Individual Consumers Can Protect Themselves with Data Disposal Techniques.

2019 May 9 News Release: New Trump Move Will Boost Cybersecurity With ITAM Protections, Encourage K-12 Focus On More Secure Cyberspace
Creating a Pathway to Address the Challenges of 21st Century Security Issues

2019 February 28 News Release: The Wide Spectrum Of IT Asset Disposal Practices

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2019 February 19 News Release: IAITAM: Google GDPR Data Protection Fiasco Highlights Major Liability Risk For U.S. Companies And Investors
If Google Is Having GDPR Privacy Compliance Issues, Where Does That Leave Other U.S. Firms With Less Sophistication And Fewer Resources To Pay Fines? U.S. Companies With Strong IT Asset Management Programs Are Positioned Best Under EU GDPR… And Any Version Of GDPR Adopted In The U.S.

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2018 December 27 News Release: IAITAM: Facebook Breach May Increase Likelihood Of US Consideration Of EU-Style GDPR Privacy Rules
Requirement for “Data Protection Officers” Is Excellent Fit With IT Asset Managers’ Work.

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2018 December 19 News Release: IAITAM: 2019 Is The Year When “IT Asset Management” Becomes As Vital As “IT Security” For Companies Fending Off Hackers, Leakers
As Hacking and Data Breaches Worsen, IT Asset Managers to be Called Upon to More Fully Join the Fight in New Year; Boost in Federal Role is Key Shift in Rise of ITAM.

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2018 December 17 News Release: IAITAM: Google CEO Testimony Before Congress Underscores Growing Threat of Unsigned “Contract URLs” To Companies, Individuals
Rapid Spread of “EULA” Is One-Way Street That Upends Decades of Negotiations With Software/Web Service Providers and Exposes Information Technology Asset Managers to Considerable Uncertainty, Risk.

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2018 October 11 News Release: IAITAM: Supermicro Microchip Hack Could Have Been Prevented If More Companies Followed Rules Like Apple
Scandal Involving Major Companies, Pentagon, Congress, Homeland Security Illustrates Need for Proper ITAM Procedures; No Firm or Agency Gets a Pass Just Because the Global Supply Chain is Complex.

2018 July 12 News Release: IAITAM: Google Drive Poses Special Challenges Businesses Rarely Consider In Advance
Reliance on Single Password for Google Combined With Heavy Exposure From “Bring Your Own Device” Smartphones and Tablets Poses Special Risks for Unwary Employers.

2018 January 18 News Release: IAITAM: Widespread Failure of Federal Agencies to Install Anti-Spoofing Email Tool Should Have Taxpayers “Up In Arms”
“No question here about what needs to be done; the only mystery is why the federal government can’t get its act together and start looking out for the interests of taxpayers.”

2017 October 12 News Release: IAITAM: Congress Should Rescind IRS Contract With Equifax Until Firm Can Demonstrate Its “Chronic Data Breach Problem Is Over”
“Zero Confidence”:  Group Says No-Bid $7.1 Million Contract With Credit Agency After Multiple Breaches Is “An Inexcusable Lapse”; “The Prospect of This Happening Should Horrify Any Elected Official”

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2017 October 04 News Release:  IAITAM Head: Don’t Buy “Scapegoating” By Former Equifax Head In Testimony To Congress
Equifax Was Not Failed by One Employee; Instead, the Company Let Down 145 Million Customers by Failing to Put Proper ITAM Systems and Controls in Place

2017 September 08 News Release:  Massive Equifax Data Breach Points To Ongoing U.S. Corporate Failures On Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) Use
2017 Breach Follows Major 2013 Equifax Breach that Resulted in Breach of Data About Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Others; “Inconceivable” that Top Officers Cashing in On Stock Before Disclosure Did Not Know of Breach

2017 August 07 News Release: IAITAM Donates Technology to Lotts Creek Community School In Appalachia
(IAITAM) is filling a moving truck so that the Lotts Creek Community School, a hard-hit rural school district in Kentucky, will receive over $125,000 of equipment including 250 computers and several electronic “smart” whiteboards.

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2017 March 29 News Release: Running IRS Like a Business by Curbing “Massive IT Waste and Abuse” Would More Than Pay for Proposed Trump Budget Cut
$31,000 Savings Per IRS Employee Possible: As Federal Tax Deadline Approaches, Nearly $3 Billion Wasted Annually by IRS on IT; Lack of Protocol on “IT Asset Management” Increases Risks of Stolen Taxpayer Data.

2017 February 14 News Release: Trump Can Take Needed Next Step to End Major Federal Privacy Threats to U.S. and EU Citizens
In Wake of Recent Executive Order on Privacy, President Has Big Opening to Address Wider Problems Posed by Government Agencies Hit by Hacking, Data Breaches and Wasteful Spending.

2016 October 06 News Release: Here Is a $40 Billion Federal Problem Clinton and Trump Can Agree on Fixing
Our message is simple: Washington needs to do something about the fact that half or more of the $70 billion to $80 billion the U.S. government spends each year on information technology and IT security is flat-out wasted.

2016 October 06 News Release: IAITAM Gives Back In Lake Township, Ohio
Barbara Rembiesa, CEO IAITAM, states that “I have always been so impressed with how this community has always pulled together whether it is to support a fallen officer’s family, a community member in need, or to support our local schools. Being able to support K-9 Officer Bill’s development and training to assist in the fight on drugs in our community is such an honor for IAITAM.”

2016 September 29 News Release: IAITAM: What Most Companies Consider “Good” Data Wiping Still Leaves Data Breaches A Real Danger
“The good news is that the ‘best’ level of data-wiping security is obtainable for most companies and should be the ultimate goal.”

2016 July 18 News Release: IAITAM: Pokémon Go On Devices Linked To Sensitive Business Data
“Too Many Questions & Too Many Risks” to Allow Gaming App to be Used in Business-Related Devices.

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2016 April 28 News Release: IAITAM: U.S. Companies Need To Gear Up Now For New EU Data Privacy Regulations
Companies That Do Business in Europe Or With Europeans Face Major New Requirements; IT Asset Managers Need to Grasp Full Import of New Rules for Data Breach Disclosures, Designated “Data Protection Officers,” And More.

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2016 March 15 News Release:  Survey: Most Top U.S. Counties Vulnerable To Same Mobile Device Management Software Problem Plaguing San Bernardino In FBI/Apple Battle Over Access To Cellphone Of Accused Terrorist
IAITAM Finds Few Major Counties Confirm Requiring Across-the-Board Installation of MDM Software on Cell Phones, Tablets Provided to Employees; 2nd Survey of Wider Universe Finds Much Tighter Practices on MDM Software.

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2016 March 7 News Release: IAITAM Warns U.S. Corporations, Government Agencies: Don’t Be The Next San Bernardino County, Get Your Employee Mobile Devices Under Control Now
Expert Believes “A Quarter to a Third” of U.S. Corporations, Cities, Counties, State & Federal Agencies Have Same “Sloppy and Dangerous” Approach to Mobile Device Management (MDM) As County Employer of Suspected Terrorist.

2015 June 17 Press Release: International Association of IT Asset Managers Launches World’s Largest Open IT Solutions Database
Database To Revolutionize IT Problem Solving With a Wealth of Expert-Curated Content; New Resource Uses Reddit-Style Functionality That Allows Readers to “Rank” Content.

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2015 February 5 Press Release: IAITAM: “Massive Waste” in Federal IT Spending Making Cybersecurity a Bigger Problem for Government Agencies
Bad news for taxpayers: “High Tech Equivalent of $436 Pentagon Hammer” seen in tens of billions of dollars in bloated federal IT-related spending; lack of focus on “IT Asset Management” actually increasing risks of lost and stolen hard drives, outdated software and other risks.

2015 February 5 Press Release Report: Understanding the Federal Government’s “IT Insecurity” Crisis
U.S. taxpayers have paid $59 billion for data protection since Fiscal Year 2010, including $10.3 billion in the most recent year under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2014 December 3 Press Release: One Year After The Target Debacle: IT Expert Warns Data Breaches Will Continue In 2015 Unless Companies Move Beyond “Superficial IT Security Solutions”

2014 July 21 Press Release: 6 Key Questions The U.S. Department Of Justice Needs To Ask As It Investigates Lois Lerner’s Lost Emails
What questions should the Justice Department and Congress ask as they probe the lost emails of Lois Lerner at the IRS? The roadmap is clear to International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) experts, who deal with issues of this sort on a daily basis.

Additional Citations for this News Release:

2014 June 26 Press Release: IAITAM Head: IRS Explanation of Lost Emails Does Not Seem Plausible
Smoking Gun? Expert Says Hard Drive Shredding Would Have Required Record of Destruction Under IT Asset Management Policy; IRS and Outside Contractor Should Have Full Records of Drive Destruction.

2014 April 02 Press Release: IAITAM and EY Announce Collaboration to Bring Industry the First IT Asset Management Organizational Certification
EY Will Use IAITAM’s Renowned ITAM360® Assessment Tool To Deliver The Assessment, And IAITAM Will Award The Certifications Based In That.

Are You on Cloud 9? By: Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D. Litt, CEO of IAITAM
The benefits and consequences of cloud computing being introduced into an organization’s environment has been an issue well debated. Once the decision has been made to introduce the cloud into the organization however, it has become a free-for-all situation where end users use the solution that is best suited for their purposes. This leads to a phenomenon known as Cloud Sprawl, where information has been “sprawled” out amongst multiple cloud platforms.

2013 October 15 Press Release: IAITAM & APMG-International Begin Accreditation Partnership
APMG-International will begin accrediting training organizations to deliver the IAITAM Courseware effective immediately. This announcement was made today at IAITAM’s Annual Fall ACE Conference by Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, CEO of IAITAM, to the attendees. This partnership will allow wide spread adoption of the IAITAM Courseware and meet the growing demand for IT Asset Management Training.  “IAITAM is very excited about making this move to allow training organizations around the globe to start teaching the IAITAM Courseware. One of many benefits of this partnership is the additional focus IAITAM will garner to create new and critical content initiatives for the profession,” said Dr. Rembiesa. “Finding an organization such as APMG-International, which shares the same business philosophy and excellent reputation as IAITAM, made making this move easy.”

Mobile Device Management Best Practices for the Connected Organization By: Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D. Litt, CEO of IAITAM
Businesses’ rapacious appetite for technology has always required teams of hardware and software experts to meet those needs. Today, mobile devices, ranging from laptops to tablets to smartphones, have changed the relationship between technology and the individual. People are now able to access both business and personal data at any time, from anywhere.

2013 May 07 Press Release: Verizon Wireless IT Asset Manager Awarded Full Scholarship by IAITAM

2013 April 08 Press Release: Spring IAITAM Event in Houston to Discuss BYOD, Mobile Asset Management, Software Audits & Negotiations

Enterprises Must Close Security Gap in Mobile Devices By: Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D. Litt, CEO of IAITAM
Late in 2012, the International Association of IT Asset Managers Inc. (IAITAM) conducted a survey focused on how mobile asset management is being incorporated into the workplace. The survey defined a mobile asset to include laptops as well as tablets and smartphones. The survey results show that the introduction of mobile assets causes difficulties for IT managers but remains a prevalent requirement, due to employee expectations and the consumerization movement.

Licensing, management of mobile devices present huge challenge to enterprises By: Fred Donovan | Published on FierceMobileIT
Only 60 percent of enterprises track who is accessing their network remotely and how long they spend on the network, according to a survey from earlier this year of 250 IT asset managers who are members of the International Association of IT Asset Managers. “The licensing and management of mobile devices are presenting a huge challenge to organizations. 75 percent find it very challenging to deal with the licensing and management of mobile devices,” Barb Rembiesa, IAITAM founder, told FierceMobileIT.

Maximize IT Spend in 2013 By: Jenny Schuchert, Content and Development Director for IAITAM
The leaders of most organisations have a complex array of decision criteria to balance building for business growth and strategic cost-cutting. At this point, the tactics for reducing the costs of business such as delaying projects and downsizing have been done. Where is their next source of savings originating within the enterprise?

Mobile Asset Management and BYOD Challenges By: Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D. Litt, CEO of IAITAM
IT Asset Management now accounts not only for company-owned assets, but also to ensure that appropriate security is implemented on employee-owned mobile devices. Many users have incorporated smartphones and tablets into their daily lives, and are blending activities such as Web browsing, games and mobile payments with business uses such as corporate email. As a result, the federal government and the private sector are confronting how to fully embrace mobile devices in their environments.

IT Asset Management – What ITAM Is & How it Relates to Your Business © 2013 Sandhills Publishing
If your company is like many others, it might not be giving ITAM (IT asset management) the attention it deserves. SMBs typically make ITAM a priority only when major upgrades roll around or during lean financial times when cost cutting and/or efficiency improvements are most sought after. An arguably more important point, however, is that consistently performing rigorous ITAM can lead to numerous desirable benefits and help avoid many risks. Read More or Click Here for the Digital Edition

2013 January 30 Press Release: IT Security and Data Protection Is Number One Challenge for Asset Managers According to New IAITAM Survey

IAITAM ACEs It Again By: McDowell Consulting, LLC
After missing the 2011 conference because of a conflict with Novell’s BrainShare, I was pleased to return to the 2012 International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) in Palm Springs, CA, this past October. IAITAM lived up to their reputation for putting on an event that was informative as well as fun. There were nearly 1,000 attendees – a record – for the 10th year of the conference, packing sessions on eight different learning tracks.

2012 November 28 Press Release: Forrester Research Analyst to Kick-Off ITAM Awareness Month with Webinar: Managing Software Licenses in a Mobile, Virtual World

A Comparison of IT Asset Management Conferences By: Frank Iati, Siwel Consulting
This fall I attended the two largest IT Asset Management (ITAM) industry conferences – the Gartner IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summit and the IAITAM 2012 Annual Conference and Exhibition.  Often times organizations must choose between these conferences because they do not have the available budget or the time to attend both events. If your organization is in this position, here are some comparisons that will help you decide which event will best meet your needs.

2012 November 09: IAITAM CEO, Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D.Litt wins Bronze Stevie Award in New York City.

2012 October 22 Press Release: IAITAM Unveils Two Industry Conferences for 2013, Nearly 1,000 Senior IT Executives Attended This Year’s Conference

2012 September 05 Press Release: Microsoft Licensing Expert, Bestselling Author of The Traveler’s Gift and Microsoft to Keynote IAITAM 2012 Annual Conference and Exhibition

2012 August 13 Video: IAITAM – IT Asset Trainings in Poland

The Importance of Final Disposition By: Lynne Weiss, VP of Marketing at IAITAM
IT Asset Management is the practice surrounding the management of IT assets from a financial, inventory and contractual standpoint. The management of the entire lifecycle of your hardware, software and mobile assets fall under this set of business processes, from initial asset planning, to its disposition at the end of its utility. End-of-life practices, or ITAD (IT Asset Disposition), is critical to the business, mainly for risk avoidance due to errors. If managed properly, final disposition of IT assets can result in a positive net cash flow.

Report: IT Asset Tracking Represents a $1B Market for RFID Published in RFID 24-7
RFID-enabling data centers is on the way to becoming a $1 billion business. A new survey released by Frost & Sullivan says that the RFID data center market was worth $96.3 million last year, and will grow to $953 million in 2017. Companies like Cisco, Bank of America and Wells Fargo have long understood how RFID can help when it comes to tracking assets like blades, servers, and data tapes. However, many large financial institutions still do not have a clear understanding of how RFID can help them to meet regulatory obligations like Sarbanes-Oxley.

2012 July 30 Press Release: IAITAM Adds Government Division to Expand Services and Expertise

2012 July 23 Press Release: IAITAM Announces New Industry Certification in Mobile Asset Management

Keeping the ITAM Superhero Alive By: Adrian Bridgewater | Published in The ITAM Review
Dr. Barbara (Barb) Rembiesa is the founder and CEO of the International Association of IT Asset Managers, Inc, (IAITAM), a global organisation focused on bringing education and best practice standards to IT asset management. As a staunch ITAM advocate, Barb has influenced and authored ITAM frameworks and standards through IAITAM’s certification courses and Best Practice Library, and actively participates in the International Standards Organisation (ISO), specifically as they endeavour to set software asset management standards.

EU Court Legalises Second-hand Software By: Glenn Wilson, CLO and EVP at IAITAM
In a landmark decision, the European Union Court of Justice ruled in favor of UsedSoft, a used software licence distributor, that the reselling of used software licences is legal. According to the Court of Justice, once a software company sells a copy of its computer program, it loses its exclusive rights to distribution. This ruling is based on an interpretation of Directive 2009/24/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, dated 23 April 2009. This directive describes the legal protections for computer programs within the EU.

Cloud is not a Cornucopia of Savings By: Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D. Litt, CEO of IAITAM
Organizations that chose to “go to the cloud” do not necessarily bring about dramatic savings and IT efficiencies that outweigh or eliminate the need for asset management. In fact, the adverse effect may be the case based on the added risk surrounding data security, access, data transfer and backup along with agreements that include terms that are unclear or misunderstood by parties unfamiliar with this new licensing model. This in turn may lead to an increase in resources at every level.

2012 June 12 Press Release: IAITAM Announces ITAM Certification Courses in South America

IT’s 6-step guide to adopting consumerization By: Bob Violino, InfoWorld
CIO – Most businesses are accepting, even embracing, consumer technology. What do they know that you don’t? If your IT department is resisting the “consumerization” trend, it’s in the minority. Recent research shows that most enterprises are proactively addressing this trend and the new relationship between IT and users that often accompanies a consumer IT strategy. What do they know that you don’t?

Modern IT support management By: Adam Jadcza
Computerworld Polska- Take off the design of the training and certification of IAITAM-International Association of managers to the Management Resources IT. So far, these courses were not available in Poland. They are-with ITIL-a parallel route of training for IT professionals.

2012 April 18 Press Release: IAITAM Executives Speak on Software Licensing & Management at CDW Sponsored 8-City Seminar Series Produced By CIO Magazine, Computerworld and Network World

2012 March 27 Press Release: IAITAM Awards First MSITAM Scholarship

2012 March 09 Press Release: William Howard Taft University Partners with IAITAM to Develop New Master of Science in Information Technology Degree Program

Service Management in the Data Center Depends on IT Asset Management By: Takeshi Takeuchi, Japan Branch Manager at IAITAM | Published by The Datacenter Journal
The combination of technology changes and the adoption of service management has transformed data centers into IT service providers. Regardless of whether the business model includes external customers, data centers have more in common: offering IT services as products to be consumed by users.

2012 January 23 Press Release: Poland’s Top Business School Includes I.T. Industry Certifications in MBA and Postgraduate Programs

Profiles: Perspectives of an E-Scrap Pioneer By: Jenny Schuchert, Japan Branch Manager at IAITAM | Reprint from E-Scrap News, December 2011
The electronics reuse and recycling industry has experienced exponential growth in recent decades as organizations in every sector seek protection from data, environmental, brand and compliance risks. The response to the need was a rapid but responsible, its evolution was guided by a handful of forward-thinking innovators.

2012 January 04 Press Release: IAITAM Appoints Executive Vice President and General Counsel

IAITAM brings asset management courses to UK channel
Former FAST boss John Lovelock is returning to the channel at the helm of US IT asset management (ITAM) outfit IAITAM, which is expanding into Europe having previously managed the region out of the States. The organisation, which was closely involved in the development of ISO software asset management (SAM) standards, already claims to have 500 online subscribers in the UK, and will be running its first course on Certified Software Asset Management in London towards the end of the month.

2011 November 07 Press Release: IAITAM Expands Into Australia With Local Strategic Alliance

IT group moves to Jackson, plans to add 100 jobs
JACKSON TWP. —  An organization that helps companies with information technology has moved here and has begun hiring up to 100 people. The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers has moved its headquarters from Suffield Township in Summit County to 4848 Munson Street NW, tripling its office space to accommodate growth.

IAITAM Has Moved!
The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) has moved its main headquarters to Canton from Suffield, Ohio, tripling the association’s office space in order to accommodate its accelerated growth. The new office space is located at 4848 Munson Street NW, Canton, OH 44718.

2011 October 21 Press Release: Prestigious IAITAM Fellowship Awarded to Three Outstanding IT Asset Managers

2011 October 17 Press Release: Certified Software Asset Manager Course Available in E.U.

2011 October 13: Honorary Doctorate of Letters Awarded
William Howard Taft University honors founder and CEO of International Association of I.T. Asset Managers, Inc. (IAITAM) — Barbara Rembiesa — with an Honorary Doctorate of Letters for her contributions to the field of I.T. Asset Management (ITAM) and her extensive philanthropic contributions to the community.

2011 October 13 Press Release: Taft University Awards IT Visionary With Honorary Doctorate

2011 September 20 Press Release: Former Gartner Analyst and Zig Ziglar Protégé Selected as Keynotes at IAITAM 2011 Annual Conference and Exhibition

2011 September 07 Press Release: FAST Ltd Proudly Announces Main Sponsor – IAITAM

2011 September 04 Press Release: Accenture, Chevron & Wells Fargo Executives to Speak at the IAITAM 2011 Annual Conference and Exhibition

Cash for clunkers: Old tech equipment boosts the bottom line By: Mary K. Pratt
Some organizations are recouping cash as they send old PCs, servers and laptops out the door.

2011 May 18 Press Release: IAITAM Announces Fourth Office in London UK

2011 May 04 Press Release: IAITAM Announces Third Office in Tokyo Japan

2011 May 04 Press Release: IAITAM Announces Third Office in Tokyo Japan – Japan Version

2011 April 06 Press Release: IAITAM President Barbara Rembiesa Platinum Special Contributor Award from ISO/IEC 19770 SAM Standard

IT Asset Disposal is a Corporate Social Responsibility, Not Just an Obligatory Act By: Barbara Rembiesa, President of IAITAM | Published in The ITAM Review
As companies deploy new technologies, they are faced with the issue of what do with their older IT assets. As the green movement and a call for greater corporate social responsibility have grown over the last decade, it is no longer acceptable for organizations to throw out old technology or simply to pass it along. IT asset disposal is a serious corporate social responsibility that should be taken to heart by both the private and public sectors and can reap huge benefits for the internal IT organization while, at the same time, being a good corporate citizen.

2010 November 30 Press Release: ISO/IEC Grants Extended Distribution

Cloud Computing?… Hold on a Minute By: Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D. Litt, President of IAITAM | Published in CIO Update
The buzz word of the day in the industry is “cloud”. Executives are hearing the word at every turn. They associate the word with spending less, smaller IT departments, and promises of no hassles. Sounds great for the organization and everyone should jump right on board, right? No! Anyone that has been around the industry long enough is looking at cloud computing as a trip back to the mainframe days of pay-to-play.

The 3 Top Problems of ITAM Administration By: Barbara Rembiesa, President of IAITAM | Published in Enterprise Systems Journal
IT asset management (ITAM) is a word bandied about for the last couple of years as an important functional area necessity for IT to make strategic and managerial decisions. Although the industry has decided to take up this battle cry, the reality is lagging far behind.

2010 October 28 Press Release: December is ITAM Awareness Month

2010 October 28 Press Release: IAITAM Reveals Data from Its What’s Happening with ITAD Survey

2010 October 28 Press Release: ISO/IEC 19770-1 SAM Standard Embraced By IAITAM

IT Asset Management: How to Bring Value To Your Organisation (Part 2/2: Key Processes) By: Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D. Litt, President of IAITAM | Published in The ITAM Review
Once you understand how these foundational processes exist within the enterprise, then you are in the position to venture into the other key processes that support the ITAM program.

IT Asset Management: How to Bring Value To Your Organisation (Part 1/2: Vision) By: Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D. Litt, President of IAITAM | Published in The ITAM Review
When evaluating core business practices, IT Asset Management has not made the list for most enterprises. In the past, ITAM has been viewed as a practice that lies solely within the realm of IT and not considered to add measurable value to the organization. IT was often viewed as foreign to executive management with little buy-in and business practices within IT were often immature compared to other business practices with little executive buy-in and not necessarily viewed as adhering to the overall goals of the organization. When evaluating the ITAM program on its merits, you can see it yields quantifiable benefits such as budgetary savings, risk reduction and enterprise-wide efficiencies.