2017 Breach Follows Major 2013 Equifax Breach that Resulted in Breach of Data About Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Others; “Inconceivable” that Top Officers Cashing in On Stock Before Disclosure Did Not Know of Breach

CANTON, OHIO – September 8, 2017 – The second major Equifax data breach in four years is a clear indication that “corporate America still does not have proper information technology asset management techniques” in place, according to Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, president and CEO of the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM).

Dr. Rembiesa said: “It’s two strikes and you’re out for Equifax, which handles some of the most sensitive consumer information in the United States and now has permitted what is perhaps the worst breach of consumer information in our nation’s history. After the breach debacle that Equifax went through in 2013, just four years ago, there is no conceivable excuse in the world for this kind of failure to happen again.

Equifax. Verizon. Yahoo. eBay. What we see is nearly weekly evidence that leading corporations are not practicing proper IT Asset Management (ITAM) to protect sensitive consumer information. We know how to prevent these breaches and secure equipment, software, websites and apps. There is just no excuse for this sort of thing to go on.

What is perhaps most disturbing to me is how three top Equifax officials – including the CFO of the company – could cash out stock immediately before this kind of announcement and then claim ignorance as a defense for doing so. If this is what passes as acceptable management, at a leading U.S. company handling the most sensitive information about 100 plus million Americans, then we are going to see many more breaches like this in years to come.

Consumers and shareholders can and must insist that companies like Equifax have proper ITAM procedures in place to protect their customers and the wealth of shareholders.”

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