Acquisition Management Advanced Study Course

Acquisition Management is the gatekeeper for the application of all IT asset management strategies determined by your organization, including policies, standards and life-cycle processes. Effective IT acquisition process empowers the rest of your IT asset program by applying process, determining pathways for exceptions and generating the initial records for the IT assets before acquisition is even complete.

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The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) is earned by studying two areas of information technology asset management (ITAM). Advanced courses are built around the world class curriculum developed by the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers.

The certificate can be earned by completing two courses of advanced study through the online platform. Courses contain a series of video lectures, access to full time instructors as needed, review of ITAM concepts, and complete with a self-evaluation exercise that both brings the materials together, and provides immediate business value for you and your organization.

The Acquisition Management Advanced Study Course is based on the information and practices contained in the IAITAM Best Practice Library (IBPL) Acquisition volume 10 which professes the Acquisition Manager to be the “Gatekeeper” for the application of all IT Asset Management strategies. Simply put, all IT assets should be ordered through the processes controlled by the Acquisitions Department.

A well defined Acquisition Process follows an established policy for purchasing IT assets in a disciplined and predictive manner that is in line with an organization’s business objectives, in the most cost-effective and productive manner possible.

In this Advanced Course we will examine the fact that a mature IT asset acquisition process empowers the IT Asset Manager to function in an effective manner, while obtaining the best value in every IT asset purchase. We will also show specific criteria concerning requirement and selection guidelines, formal product reviews, approval process, negotiations and contract development processes.

Introduction to IAITAM, the instructor and facility, IT Asset Management Code of Ethics, Acquisition Management Components, Key Personnel Roles, Dependencies and Relationships.

Discussion and sample projects including: Contract Review, Negotiation Practices, Acquisition Forms, Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Information (RFI), Acquisition Process, Request Process, Approval Process, Redeployment Process, Asset Selection Process, Identify Suppliers, Justification Process, Key Vendors, Lease Process. Technology that will enhance the Acquisition Process Area, and Executive buy-in.

This Advanced Study course consists of the following:

  • IAITAM Best Practice Library Volume 10, Acquisition
  • Series of video lectures
  • Access to full time instructors as needed
  • Review of ITAM concepts
  • Self-evaluation exercise that incorporates best practices to uncover immediate business value for you and your organization

Courses extend learning opportunities through peer-to-peer interaction. Peer-to-peer learning is what happens in an learning environment where learners (most of them working professionals) interact regularly with one another to share insights and experiences. Each course has an online discussion component guided by course instructors where learners share insights and opinions relative to the course material. Learners have the opportunity to gain significantly from the vast experiences of the instructors and other professionals. Some form lasting friendships that benefit both parties professionally.

Advanced study programs are offered online and offer learners:

  • The convenience of a flexible schedule
  • 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to courses
  • Attendance from the privacy of your home, office, or anywhere with an internet connection

Learners work with books from the IAITAM Best Practice Library and online study guides to perform coursework that is submitted to instructors for evaluation and feedback.

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*Specific content is subject to change, reflecting the dynamic evolution of industry activities. IAITAM is not responsible for costs associated with cancellations. All IAITAM courses and content are proprietary and confidential.

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