Importance of Mobility in ITAD

By Edward Wooten

Importance of Mobility in ITAD

Sensitive data is present across industries and business types, from large-scale data centers to small-scale server rooms. When a business undergoes an infrastructure update, the HDDs, SSDs, and other networking equipment that store its proprietary information need to be correctly disposed of. Much like the role of electronic component distributors in the supply chain has evolved, IT asset disposition services have adapted to fit customers’ exact requirements. ITAD partners now have the capability of physically being where you need them, when you need them.

Quick, flexible solutions 

Rather than shipping equipment and devices to an ITAD partner, many companies are choosing to have their data disposed of on-site. Mobile ITAD solution providers offer the same quality services that customers gain when shipping equipment directly to their warehouses, but minus the sacrifice of time. Often running on generators, mobile ITAD service trucks are an extension of a partner’s full proficiency.

Depending on what the customer requires, most mobile shredding units can shred HDDs to 1.5” and SSDs to 3/8” widths. Based on these sizes, machines can shred up to 1,350 HDDs or 1,800 SSDs per hour. If customers require their devices to be shredded at larger widths, many mobile machines can destroy even larger quantities of drives per hour. In addition to shredding, many mobile ITAD service trucks offer degaussing that can process up to 3,600 drives per hour while meeting CE and ANSI safety standards.

Customers with the most sensitive and proprietary data, such as those in the government or aerospace and defense industries, are especially likely to benefit from on-site ITAD services. Customers with such stringent needs often look to partners who offer Hammermill shredders, some of the most trusted in the field of ITAD services. These completely portable machines can shred within DoD specifications. These and other reliable resources provide accessibility and complete ease of ITAD services that help customers keep their businesses running without any delays or disruptions.

Eliminates chain of custody issues 

The growing ability to have sensitive IT equipment wiped, shredded, degaussed, and safely disposed of on-site at a customer’s facilities is an important indicator of the role security and convenience play in IT asset disposition. As IT infrastructure updates become more critical, eliminating security issues with the safe destruction and disposal of IT hardware is essential. Mobile ITAD service trucks become a part of the customer’s building, resolving any potential transportation or safety concerns.

Many ITAD organizations, such as NAID (National Association for Information Destruction), offer a services locator through their website, where users can search for partners who provide specific mobile and on-site services. Membership in NAID validates a company’s commitment to protecting personal identifiable information and intellectual property through the safe and secure disposition and destruction of assets.

Mobile ITAD partners utilize the same standards on-site at a customer’s facilities as they would inside their own warehouses. Certifications of wiping and destruction are provided to customers without their IT equipment ever needing to leave the premises. On-site ITAD services show full transparency throughout the entire lifecycle process of disposal.

Build and expand the relationship with your ITAD partner

The decommissioning of IT assets is an inevitable part of technology refreshes. As many businesses face this challenge, it is essential for them to establish a relationship with a trusted ITAD service provider. Mobile ITAD service trucks offer customized programs for the safe and secure disposal of equipment. On-site customer service from industry-certified professionals helps bolster the relationship between customers and ITAD partners.

Besides witnessing their drives being wiped, shredded, or degaussed, customers can also have their retired IT equipment like servers and switches removed. Since ITAD solution trucks serve as an amplification of a provider’s capabilities, customers receive the benefit of reselling support. With their focus on delivering the highest return on investment, mobile ITAD providers can transport a customer’s retired equipment back to their warehouse and test the devices to determine if recycling or reselling is the best option.

The quickest and most dynamic mobile ITAD solutions are provided regionally. Customers who need fast and secure ITAD support will greatly benefit from working with an ITAD partner capable of providing on-site services.

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