IMUG Webinar January 22 at 5PM EST: IT Asset Disposition Trends and Best Practices, An annual report by Cascade Asset Management

In The "iN" Report by IAITAM

This annual benchmarking report provides information and research on security, environmental, and financial issues related to IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and the more general IT Asset Management (ITAM) discipline.
This report is built from data Cascade compiles through (1) a customer survey, (2) an evaluation of hundreds of thousands assets processed by Cascade in the previous year, and (3) a review of related industry research.

About the presenter
Neil Peters-Michaud, CHAMP, CEO of Cascade Asset Management
Founded Cascade in 1999. Grew up in Silicon Valley where he gained technical work experience in IT and supply chain management. Worked in environmental NGOs and state government. Earned BS and MBA from University of Wisconsin. Received “Forward Under 40” award. Also is a Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional.

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