Starting a new SAM program or expanding upon your current model can seem challenging and leave you wondering where to even start. Many organizations feel that the implementation of a best in breed tool will transform an immature practice into a fully optimized machine. Although the tool is important in reaching a proactive SAM model, it cannot be leveraged effectively without careful planning and implementation of the people, processes and procedures. This webinar focuses on measuring the SAM maturity model for organizations as well as building the roadmap to reach a proactive maturity model. We will also provide an overview of the ServiceNow SAM Professional tool and how it can be leveraged with a good SAM roadmap to reach higher ROI through cost savings, cost avoidance and integration to expanded ITSM features.

About the presenter
Jason Westfall from CleanSlate
CleanSlate’s certified SAM experts can help you deploy, define, execute and manage a comprehensive SAM strategy.

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