What lessons can we learn from the most innovative companies in the world to drive productivity? One is the critical importance of employee uptime. Losing just one hour per day costs an organization $8,400 per employee year after year! That easily eclipses the cost of a computer. In this webinar we will review best practices for device management geared around employee productivity. Topics will include: maintenance strategies, refresh cycles, loaner programs, helpdesk processes and inventory management all designed to maximize employee uptime and employee happiness. Join us!

About the presenter
Arthur Lozinski is the founder and CEO of Oomnitza. Oomnitza helps companies keep track of and optimize all the machines that power their business. From IT equipment to IoT sensors, Oomnitza is working with enterprise customers worldwide to optimize ‘Thing Management.’

Before Oomnitza, Arthur spent time working at SAP and studied international business in Switzerland. He speaks German and Russian fluently.

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