Software asset management is no longer just accounting for what has been purchased and installed. It is also about increasing the productivity in the most cost effective way, preparing early for audits and staying compliant all the time.

In this presentation we will highlight the importance of implementing a software optimization program that works well with your license optimization program. Discover new ways on how you can use usage data reports to lower software denials, optimize the cost and usage of your applications while keeping your compliance under control.
Real customer examples and stories will be shared to highlight how you can effectively analyze your software usage data in tracking unused licenses, inactive license usage, license hogging, under-licensing, and many other software license usage issues.

Take your optimization program to the next level with usage metering. Make the right decisions on your software purchases, start optimizing today.

About the presenter
Linda Cole, Director of Sales for Open iT, Inc.
She has been in the IT industry for over 20 years in many capacities. Her industry experience includes virtualization, cloud adoption and IT infrastructure management. She employs her business management experience from various organizations to advise clients on how to utilize technology, such as software metering, to solve business problems in a cost-effective way.

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