Insights into Oracle & Microsoft Licensing Procurement Practices

By Scott Rosenburg

Welcome to our new monthly column, where Scott D. Rosenberg, CEO & Founder of Miro Consulting, Inc. will answer any questions on Oracle and Microsoft licensing and procurement practices. Send questions directly to and we’ll get them answered for you. Please indicate whether you would like to be publicly acknowledged or prefer to remain anonymous.

We’ve enjoyed Hyperion’s pricing for a long time, but now I understand that Oracle is hiking up the price on June 1. We are in the midst of procuring additional Oracle licenses, but we don’t need to re-up our Hyperion yet. What do you suggest we do?

— Signed a lonely ITAM director who is juggling too much and just had his budget cut by 10%

Dear Lonely ITAM Director:

First of all, yes, Hyperion’s pricing will increase as Oracle enfolds the price list into the standard Oracle licensing model. Under the old Hyperion licensing model, there were multiple, complex and separate pricing for individual items – such as server fees, testing and development, and various pricing fees for multiple user roles. Under Oracle’s standard licensing model, Hyperion’s price list will be simplified and will increase as of June 1.

Whether you are in the midst of procurement discussions with Oracle or making changes to your IT assets, we would strongly recommend reviewing what Hyperion user licenses you may need now and in the future, and re-up (or even newly purchase) your Hyperion software licenses before May 31. By doing so, you may be able to gain significant savings and increase ROI.

About the Author

Scott Rosenberg is the CEO of Miro Consulting, Inc.