Research Study: The Rising Tide of E-waste

As we enter the “next normal,” Blancco explores behavior around e-waste, sustainable practices and the environment. Thanks to a pandemic-led surge of remote work, organizations worldwide are shifting gears to protect data on laptops and tablets distributed outside the traditional office environment. When decommissioning these devices, enterprises must continue to enforce data security—while minimizing their contribution to today’s unprecedented growth of e-waste. Based on responses from 600 enterprise decision makers around the globe, this research study explores:

  • Enterprise behavior around e-waste, device disposal practices and the environment
  • The challenges in executing e-waste and corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies regarding device disposal
  • How COVID-19 response has changed enterprises’ approach to e-waste and end-of-life device management

Finally, we identify areas enterprises need to address to be environmentally responsible and confident about data protection and compliance.

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