Automating Hardware Asset Management: How to workflow the 7 stages of your asset lifecycle

Everyone has a hardware asset lifecycle, but a well-run, automated lifecycle is harder to find. This white paper doesn’t redefine the lifecycle, but it covers the basics of seven lifecycle stages and explores workflows within each stage and between stages—where you can gain the most efficiency. Plus, every time you workflow processes within a stage, you move your organization ahead with reducing risks related to security, unexpected expenses, and compliance headaches.

A sample of stages and lifecycle workflows discussed include:

  • Request – Onboarding workflow
  • Fulfill – Service catalog workflow
  • Inventory – Receiving workflow
  • Deploy – Remote employee workflow
  • Monitor – Vulnerability remediation workflow
  • Service – Hardware swap out workflow
  • Retire – Proper asset retirement workflow

Besides reducing risks and costs, you can expect to transform your data, answer questions faster, provide proof of actions, and improve your employee or customer experience. Know more about the future of your hardware asset lifecycle – download and read it now.

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