The Top 5 SAM Mistakes You’re Making (But Don’t Realize It!)

In this webinar, Eracent will discuss the common mistakes organizations make while establishing and managing their Software Asset Management programs, as well as how to avoid these issues. Eracent will also cover the management of software licenses and subscriptions through their full lifecycle, as well as the process of reconciling license entitlements using a comprehensive SAM solution. What is the payback as a result of avoiding these common pitfalls and creating a reliable SAM program? Significant cost savings, reduced risk from publisher audits, and a clear demonstration of the value of SAM to your leadership team.

Thank you for participating in ITAM Awareness Month 2020. Join us again in December for ITAM Awareness Month 2021!

Thank you for participating in ITAM Awareness Month! IAITAM is ITAM and this month we are celebrating YOU, the ITAM organizations and practitioners for your achievements during this difficult time. If you missed today’s offering check back later. All content will be available to view from December 21-31, 2020. Thank you for being part of the ITAM industry!

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