Sustainable, Secure ITAD Is a Must for Business Leaders

New research with Iron Mountain partnering with IDG reveals that many organizations are still working to bring their IT asset disposition (ITAD) program in line with the demands of today’s IT lifecycle management. Organizations want their ITAD program to support sustainability as well as security efforts, and this continues to be a challenge. In these uncertain times, where every dollar is scrutinized and IT budgets are under the microscope, it is more important than ever for organizations to ensure their ITAD program provides value in line with business objectives.

Thank you for participating in ITAM Awareness Month 2020. Join us again in December for ITAM Awareness Month 2021!

Thank you for participating in ITAM Awareness Month! IAITAM is ITAM and this month we are celebrating YOU, the ITAM organizations and practitioners for your achievements during this difficult time. If you missed today’s offering check back later. All content will be available to view from December 21-31, 2020. Thank you for being part of the ITAM industry!

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