Integration between Asset Management and other IT Management Practices

In a world of multiple frameworks shaping the life of our organizations, IT departments and IT systems, it is crucial that organizations dedicate some thoughts and time to integrate how each practice will achieve its goals while supporting other practices in their own goals. It often seen that the notion of ‘collaboration’ between management practices is lost and they end up competing with one another.

We will highlight the need to plan for that integration and how to nurture and evolve each practices in a symbiotic organization ecosystem. ITAM taking car of the specific ‘particles’ of our IT Services, it needs to receive the right information from other practices to achieve its goals successfully while providing the right information to the multiple processes and functions that depend on a broad spectrum of accurate asset information.

Thank you for participating in ITAM Awareness Month 2020. Join us again in December for ITAM Awareness Month 2021!

Thank you for participating in ITAM Awareness Month! IAITAM is ITAM and this month we are celebrating YOU, the ITAM organizations and practitioners for your achievements during this difficult time. If you missed today’s offering check back later. All content will be available to view from December 21-31, 2020. Thank you for being part of the ITAM industry!

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