The IAITAM Games have been postponed until further notice.

Rules of ITAM-opoly

Welcome to ITAM-opoly! During ITAM Awareness Month, IAITAM is hosting a fun version of the classic realty game that is quick and exciting to play from the comfort of your own home or office. But like all games, there are a few rules. These rules will be covered here:

Flow of the game:

The game is played very simply. Roll two six-sided die and add them together. Advance your token on the game board that many spaces. When you land on a space, there is an opportunity to earn points if you complete the challenge.

Each sponsored spot on the board will have six different mini games associated with it. Roll one six-sided die to determine which game your team will be playing. Successfully complete the game and you’ll earn those points. If you do not complete the game, the other team has the opportunity to steal your chance at winning!

And that’s it! Also, don’t worry. Completing one trip around the board and passing GO! will earn your team points as well!

Rules for each mini-game:

There are six different mini-games from which your challenge will be selected. Successfully completing the game awards the point value on the property you landed on.

  1. Trivia – You and your team will be asked a question from the game host. Answer the question correctly to earn points! Be warned, not every question is about IT Asset Management so to get every question right you have to be one smart cookie!
  2. Scavenger Hunt – Dr. Barb has lost some things and needs your help to find them! She gave a list of lost items to the game host, and if you can show those items on camera, you win! But be quick, you’ll have a limited time to find them!
  3. Shell Game – The game host didn’t get that spot because they were smart, but because they were quick! After shuffling, your team must select the correct cup the ball is placed under to win. But be warned…that game host doesn’t like losing and will occasionally make it unfair!
  4. Logic Puzzles – We are all pretty smart people. But the game host wants to test your knowledge or rather, your critical thinking! Solve the logic puzzle in the allotted amount of time to win!
  5. Charades – Sometimes we all wish we were someone else. For the game host, that might just come true. Guess what the game host is miming to win!
  6. Stump the Host – Ok, maybe the game host is pretty smart after all. This is your opportunity to ask the game host a question about anything! Stump the host to win the points! However, questions must be unambiguous and have a single, straightforward answer. No, the game host doesn’t know what you have in your pockets, precious!

Play these games as a team and work on collecting the most points possible during each game session!

Stealing another team’s question:

We all play to win, right? In this game you will have to opportunity to capitalize on another team’s mistake! If a team guesses a wrong answer or fails to complete a challenge, another team can choose to steal the question and take the points for themselves. However, this does not come without a level of risk. That risk is determined by the roll of one six-sided die. The die will be rolled after the decision to steal has been made. Here are the outcomes of the die roll:

1-2: Getting the right answer will award half points
3-4: The team must wager 10 points. If they succeed, they win full points
5-6: Succeeding earns full points, but failing costs the team full points

Stealing is a fun way to gain an edge and benefit from another team’s mistake. Do you have it in you?


Points are awarded to a team after successfully completed a challenging mini-game. These points are added to your individual totals and used to determine your ranking in the IAITAM Games! However, these points are also a form of currency! You can view your total points on the My Account page. Points are added by 11:59 PM ET each day.

At the end of the IAITAM Games and IT Asset Awareness Month, prizes will be given out to those who are able to bid the highest in the IAITAM Auction. So watch videos, read articles, attend sessions, and participate in ITAM-opoly to earn points, walk away with tons of prizes, and be crowned the Champion of the IAITAM Games!

The IAITAM Games have been postponed until further notice.

Thank you for participating in ITAM Awareness Month! IAITAM is ITAM and this month we are celebrating YOU, the ITAM organizations and practitioners for your achievements during this difficult time. If you missed today’s offering check back later. All content will be available to view from December 21-31, 2020. Thank you for being part of the ITAM industry!

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